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Initially started in California, We are proud to announce that Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services has evolved into a global brand with clients spanning the entire globe!

We offer clairvoyant readings, & Healings, Meditations, Clairvoyant healing, workshops, and an entire Emotion & Body Code Academy!

Featuring LIVE Phone Classes, an incredible selection of Metaphysical & Emotion code Development, Instant Download Audio Classes, Video Workshops, a Metaphysical Online Store and much more!

"Unlock the mysteries of your future with Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services! Are you seeking clarity, guidance, or a glimpse into what lies ahead? Our experienced psychics are here to illuminate your path with profound insights and intuitive wisdom. From love and relationships to career and finance, let our gifted readers empower you to make informed decisions and navigate life's twists and turns with confidence. Trust in the magic of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services to shine light on your journey. Book your reading today and step into a brighter tomorrow!"

Picture yourself basking in the warmth of newfound understanding, as the shadows of uncertainty fade away under the radiant glow of our psychic readings. Each session is a personalized experience, tailored to your unique needs and desires, offering a roadmap to navigate life's twists and turns with grace and confidence.

Join countless others who have found solace and empowerment in the embrace of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services. Let us be your beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a brighter, more fulfilling future. Embrace the magic that awaits and take the first step toward unlocking your true potential. Your destiny awaits—book your reading today."

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