The students of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy offer FREE long distance energy healing as well as readings! Please contact students directly for your free reading. Read details below for your free Healing Request. Scroll further down for guided meditations created by Psychic Crystal Sunshine. Enjoying this wonderful offering? Perhaps donate below!

If you or you know someone who would like energy healing, please fill out the form below with your full name or the person(s) you would like to offer healing to! The Advanced Clairvoyant students of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy work with their Spirit Guide, Healing Masters and offer The Christ Force Energy Healing as well other long distance energy healing. Once you have submitted your form, rest assured that your healing request is being fulfilled.
You will not receive verbal communication back but the healing will be beautiful!

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Any time is a good time to visit an energy healer. If you are stressed, anxious, or physically drained, an energy healing session can help you relax and feel more balanced. And if you’re already feeling good, it’s always possible to feel a little better! It’s important to note that energy healing is a complementary modality that shouldn’t exclude any Western medicine you may be taking.

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