Psychic Development II

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Welcome to The Psychic Soul Institute! This is a complete comprehensive Psychic Development and Metaphysical Program which will change your perspective on how we live here on the Earth Plane as well as all the work we are doing on the Astral Plane. You will graduate from this program completely changed, with a renewed perspective of how The Universe works.

This is an Advanced Psychic Development Program. This is for any graduate or future graduate of Psychic Development I. Also, If you’ve been trained in other BPI Programs and would like to enroll, you are welcome here!

  • Work with Spirit Guides; Alchemist & Ascension Guides

  • Activate Your Creativity & Personal Power

  • Access Information You Left on Other Planets

  • Complete & Break Karma

  • Control Your Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Heal Your Memory Banks

  • Run Kundalini Energy

  • Heal Masculine and Feminine Energy

  • And so much more!

Enrollment Benefits: Student Perks!

  • 50% OFF sessions with Crystal during your enrollment

    • Including:

      • Readings

      • Coaching & Mentoring (Personal & Business)

  • Access to any future Psychic Development Program

    • Once graduated, you have access to any class in any future Psychic Development Program

    • Single class or multiple or entire program

  • Exclusive access to The Psychic Soul Institute’s Student Facebook Group

    • A safe place to “take a break” and ask your fellow students and soul tribe any questions.

    • Maybe even trade readings or business ideas and resources

    • A great avenue to connect on a personal level.

    • We are all here to raise everyone up! I do not allow students who do not match that vibration.

  • FREE Enrollment in WEEKLY Psychic Reading Clinics

  • An opportunity to practice your Reading Skills with other students 4 x’s per month.

    • An incredible opportunity to grow your soul tribe and psychic community.

  • UPON GRADUATION you will receive a certification!

    • Certifying that you successfully completed an intensive, formal Advanced Psychic Development Program

    • Wonderful accreditation to put on your website, social media and any other marketing platforms.

    • Classes may change without notice.

  • Karma; Breaking & Clearing

  • Creative Rings & Kundalini

  • Spiritual Freedom & Report Stations

  • 8th Chakra; Your Higher Self

  • Space & Genetic Entity

  • Analyzer & Validation of Spirit

  • Sympathetic Nervous System & File Clerk

  • Core Pictures & Picture Maker

  • Past Life Symbols & Past Life Auras

  • Anchor Points & Silver Cords

  • Mental Image Pictures & Machines

  • Male & Female Essences and Communication

  • Parent, Child, Adult Energies

  • Remote Viewing

  • Aliens & UFO’s

  • Alchemy-Alchemist Guide

  • Ascension-Ascension Guide

    • Getting Prepared & Gaining Perspective

    • Reading & Revising Your Soul Contracts

    • Love is ALL


Please fill out the Contact Form to Enroll or if you’d like additional details on the Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program. I look forward to being your teacher and you joining our soul tribe! Or visit my ‘Book Now’ tab and schedule a Free Office Hours Phone Chat.

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