Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services was founded in California. At Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services, our passion is helping clients heal their core pictures and help them run their own energy. We are at our optimum manifesting capacity when we are operating in present time and running our own energy. Most people pick up and carry energies that are not their’s all throughout the day. We teach tools on how to release this and be here now.

  • We offer Clairvoyant readings~I see

  • Clairaudience~I hear

  • Clairsentience~I feel

  • Claircognizance~I know

Psychic services often advocate for a deeper connection to one's inner self, emphasizing the idea that true fulfillment comes from within rather than from external sources such as money, material possessions, or the approval of others. This perspective highlights the importance of tapping into one's Higher Self or Super Subconscious, which is believed to encompass a higher level of consciousness beyond the ego.

By aligning with the Higher Self or Super Subconscious, individuals may experience a sense of ease and grace in their lives. This suggests that inner peace and contentment can be achieved through spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness, rather than through the pursuit of external validations or acquisitions.

The analogy of carrying either a feather or a brick symbolizes the choice individuals have in determining the weight of their burdens. Carrying a feather represents choosing lightness, letting go of unnecessary worries and attachments, and embracing a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

On the other hand, carrying a brick signifies the burden of materialism, negative emotions, and attachments that weigh one down, hindering personal growth and inner peace.

In essence, the message conveyed by this perspective on psychic services is that true fulfillment and happiness stem from cultivating a deep connection with one's inner being, rather than seeking validation or contentment from external sources.

It encourages individuals to choose the path of inner lightness and spiritual growth, leading to a life characterized by ease, grace, and fulfillment.