Crystal’s latest collaboration with Dr. Lauren Cielo – 

Metaphysical Q & A; Soon to be seen on Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief with George Noory.

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Metaphysical Q & A

A warm welcome to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services!  Ventura, California’s Premiere Psychic Services.  We are located in the coastal area of Ventura, California directly between Malibu and Santa Barbara.  However, we are honored to say that our clients span the entire globe!  We offer psychic readings, & healings, meditations, workshops, and an entire Psychic Development Academy! Featuring LIVE Phone Classes, an incredible selection of Metaphysical & Psychic Development Instant Download Audio ClassesVideo Workshops , a Metaphysical Online Store and much more!

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Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services, featuring formally trained Ventura, CA Clairvoyant Psychic, Crystal Sunshine Heinemann.  Crystal specializes in psychic readings available all over the world via email readings, phone & video readings.  We are also pleased to offer custom meditations, Spirit Guide Introductions and virtual teachings in metaphysics, meditation, Women’s Intuition and Psychic Development .

Crystal is a proud member of Best American Psychics. The nation’s most elite, professional psychic directory.

Crystal was formally trained under world renowned psychic, author, radio and television personality Dr. Lauren Cielo who is best known for his work on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM and Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief and Open Mind’s.  Crystal was formally trained by Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Academy.  She attended months of private sessions, one on one with Dr. Lauren, a 6 month Clairvoyant I Program, a 5 month Clairvoyant II Program and a 5 month Clairvoyant Teacher’s Program, all under Dr. Lauren Cielo and his world renowned psychic academy, Golden Rose Psychic Academy. Crystal and Lauren quickly discovered that they were Twin Flames and formed an instant connection.  They continue to work together closely with their collaboration of Metaphysical Q & A; bringing metaphysics to the masses via teachings, live Q & A, radio & video podcast.  

Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services of Ventura, California encourage you to please take a look around, book a session, view our Psychic Academy, purchase Metaphysical and Psychic Development Audio Classes  or watch our YouTube Channel for free meditations and monthly Psychic Energy Updates or feel free to reach out to us for any questions or comments.   We love hearing from our clients as well as our future clients!  We don’t believe in any mistakes or coincidences, you are here for a reason.  We’re so delighted you found us!

In Love and Light My Bright Suns…We are GRATEFUL!