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Super Worm Moon Meditation Today marks the 3rd and final Super Moon for this year 🌕 It sure has been an intense 2019, hasn't it?  Tonight's Super Full Moon is also considered to be a Worm Moon.  The Worm Moon is known to be an emotional moon; heavily rooted in the water element.  It is also a time… Continue reading Super Worm Moon Meditation

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Moon & Sun Clairvoyant Influences

Psychic Reading Clinic This week’s Psychic Reading Clinic : On this evening of a very unique Super Worm Moon and Spring Equinox, we will read in each other's space,  how the Moon and Sun influence students Clairvoyance! Please join me and your fellow soul tribe in practicing your reading skills tonight at 5:30pm PST! Students… Continue reading Moon & Sun Clairvoyant Influences