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Healing Requests

Tonight’s 5:30pm PST Psychic Reading Clinic :  Healing Requests.  Tonight, students will read and receive their Healing Requests.  We will clear away any resistance or self sabotage to whatever Healing Request. Next, their Healing Master's will contract in a new Spirit Guide to help assist, guide and support this specific Healing Request! Please join me and your fellow… Continue reading Healing Requests

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Healing Masters & Growth Periods Beginning Psychic Development Saturday's 10:00am PST class, Beginning Psychic Development students will learn what a Growth Periods is, (hint, hint-you're probably in one!) and then they will meet their very own Spirit Guide, Healing Masters!  Each one of my students receives a Healing Master to assist them in their reading and healing space.  One… Continue reading Healing Masters & Growth Periods

Psychic Academy, Psychic Development, Psychic Reading Clinic

Healing Masters & Other Lives

Psychic Reading Clinic This week’s Psychic Reading Clinic : Healing Masters & Other Lives Incarnated Together.  Our Healing Masters can be one of the most beneficial relationships that we can have in our work and personal lives!  Let's get to know them even deeper and also heal any issues you may be having with yours.… Continue reading Healing Masters & Other Lives