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Lightworker Past Lives

Psychic Reading Clinic Please join me in this week’s Psychic Reading Clinic : Lightworker Past Lives.  Please join me and your fellow current classmates and graduates in Sunday's 8:30am PST Psychic Reading Clinic.  This is an all levels class!  Are you curious to learn what other lives you have lived as a Lightworker? If so,… Continue reading Lightworker Past Lives

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Happy Graduation Clairvoyants!  Advanced Clairvoyant Psychic Development Sunday's 10:00am class is class 20 of 20 of the Psychic Development II Program. Which means that Graduation is upon us!  My Bright Suns Soul Tribe Students have been with me for 44 classes, which makes 44 weeks, which makes almost a year...You cannot imagine how close we become throughout… Continue reading Happy Graduation Clairvoyants!

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Worst Fears About Teaching

Advanced Psychic Teachers Program Sunday's 12:30pm class, students will have an opportunity to face and heal their Worst Fears About Teaching.   A very useful and healing class. Get ready to have your Crown Chakra activated, learn, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration even HIGHER,  Clairvoyant Teacher Students!  Would you like to enter to win a… Continue reading Worst Fears About Teaching