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MQA-Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Welcome to the LIVE Virtual Metaphysical Q & A weekly teachings! Please join Dr. Lauren Cielo and Crystal Heinemann every Tuesday at 10am as they cover various everyday topics in metaphysical terms. Learn helpful and easy metaphysical techniques to better your life. No experience is necessary as Dr. Lauren and Crystal present information in ways that are fun, relatable and they work. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact live with the stars MQA! Guests of Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief! Each teachings is approximately 60-75 mins long with a LIVE 15 mins Q & A after. Even if you can’t make the live event, just sign up at and you’ll receive a recording of the Teaching in your email inbox! You may also download all of the past Teachings from our web store and subscribe to the MQA blog to be notified of new Teachings as Crystal and Dr. Lauren create them!

Teachings include the following categories:
1. Personal Development
2. Children
3. Family
4. Health
5. Intimate Relationships
6. Money
7. Career

You can also join in with Metaphysical Q & A with our podcast and radio show!

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How Do Dr. Lauren & Crystal Make Big Decisions?

Some of you may ask, “How do Dr. Lauren Cielo and Crystal Heinemann of Metaphysical Q & A make big decisions?” It’s simple, when we’re in a crunch and we need a simple, quick answer-we turn to John Holland’s Psychic Tarot!

Metaphysical Q & A is growing so fast and Dr. Lauren and Crystal had to make a BIG decision today! While they were in a Zoom Video Meeting together, they decided to lay the fate of their big decision in John Holland’s Psychic Tarot!  They ‘grounded’ the energy of the deck; releasing any energy from the deck.  Then they asked for a Supreme Being blessing on the deck and their BIG DECISION, the next step was to shuffle the deck while focusing on the big decision at hand.

They pulled the card and the answer they received was ‘Prosperity Begins’! Now, this isn’t just any card…every time they have pulled a card from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot deck and asked about Metaphysical Q & A-this card always comes up!  They were going to pull 3 different cards for the 3 big decisions but decided that the cards had spoken and pulling another card was not necessary!

How do you make your big decisions?  Lauren and I find that this is a very helpful way to gain immediate clarity!  Please stay tuned for the unveiling of MQA’S BIG DECISION!

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MQA Season One Bloopers

Metaphysical Q & A Season One Bloopers! Please enjoy Dr. Lauren and Crystal’s blooper moments while shooting Season 1 of MQA Video & Audio Podcast! Metaphysical Q&A is a subscription based video podcast and Metaphysical Teachings! Please join Dr. Lauren Cielo and Psychic Crystal Sunshine as they attempt to make metaphysics CRYSTAL clear and GOLDEN delicious! This exciting project will shift the way each human views the experiences they’re having here on Earth. As both professional clairvoyant healers and teachers, they believe they can explain, in simple terms, every single event, emotion and human experience!

The information you’ll find here will change the way you view life on Earth. The Metaphysical Q & A (MQA) platform is dedicated to explaining our shared human experiences in easily understood metaphysical terms!


Please stay tuned for Season Two of our Metaphysical Q & A Podcast where we will have special expert guests along with Dr. Lauren Cielo’s and Crystal Heinemann’s usual witty banter and their metaphysical and clairvoyant insight!  A duo you most certainly don’t want to miss!