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Living w/ a Significant Other

Would you like to learn how to move your DIS-ease from living with a significant other to living in harmony and ease?  Allow Dr. Lauren Cielo and Crystal Heinemann both Clairvoyant Healers and Teachers guide you to shift the energy and information in your space to living a life of ease with a significant other this Tuesday September 4, 2018 at 10am PST.

Welcome to the LIVE Virtual Metaphysical Q & A weekly teachings! Please join Dr. Lauren Cielo and Crystal Heinemann every Tuesday at 10am as they cover various everyday topics in metaphysical terms. Learn helpful and easy metaphysical techniques to better your life. No experience is necessary as Dr. Lauren and Crystal present information in ways that are fun, relatable and they work. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact live with the stars MQA! Guests of Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief! Each teachings is approximately 60-75 mins long with a LIVE 15 mins Q & A after. Even if you can’t make the live event, just sign up at and you’ll receive a recording of the Teaching in your email inbox! You may also download all of the past Teachings from our web store and subscribe to the MQA blog to be notified of new Teachings as Crystal and Dr. Lauren create them!

Teachings include the following categories:
1. Personal Development
2. Children
3. Family
4. Health
5. Intimate Relationships
6. Money
7. Career

You can also join in with Metaphysical Q & A with our podcast and radio show!

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Would you like to learn how to shift your space to EASILY parent troubled children?

Children Teachings

Parenting Troubled Children

Welcome to the Teachings of Metaphysical Q & A, making metaphysics CRYSTAL clear and GOLDEN delicious with Crystal Heinemann of CRYSTAL Sunshine Psychic Services and Dr. Lauren Cielo of GOLDEN Rose Psychic Services.



Do you have a troubled child?  Are you feeling the energy of guilt, shame, fear, anger over parenting this child?  Would you like to learn how to shift your space to allow parenting a troubled child to become EASY?  Then this teaching is for YOU! Metaphysical Q & A teachings are taught collectively by Dr. Lauren Cielo and Crystal Heinemann, guest stars of Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief w/ George Noory. Ep: Metaphysics for the Masses-coming soon!

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