Beginner's Psychic Development I, Psychic Academy, Psychic Development

Karma-is it really gonna get you? Psychic Development I Sunday's 5:30pm class, as students enter into their 6th month of training, they're going to advance their space and learn ALL about Karma!  One of my favorite classes.  Not only will they learn about karma but they will learn how to BREAK and CLEAR Karma.  One of the most important techniques throughout… Continue reading Karma-is it really gonna get you?

2018 Year Long Psychic Development Program, Advanced Psychic Development, Psychic Academy, Psychic Development

Alchemy  Advanced Clairvoyant Psychic Development Sunday's 10:00am class is class 15 of 20 of the Psychic Development II Program.  Most of my students have been with me for almost a year now, I love them so much! In this class, we'll learn about Alchemy and a super fun way of how to transmute energy with… Continue reading Alchemy