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Open Up To Your Psychic Abilities

Would you like to open up to your psychic abilities and learn to:

  • Meditate
  • Energy Heal
  • Give Life Readings
  • Relationship Readings
  • Higher Self Readings
  • Access Past Lives (Other Lives)
  • Talk to the Dead
  • Chakra Readings
  • Aura Readings
  • Create What You Want & Activate Your Creativity
  • Work with Spirit Guides
  • Be Neutral & Not ‘Reactive’
  • Deprogram Yourself From This Life & Other Lives
  • And so much more!?

Sign Up To Win a FREE Month of Psychic Development!

Are you ready to start your spiritual and healing journey? Next Psychic Development Program starts April 20, 2019! Class size is limited and filling up!

To enroll,  Click HERE.  Enroll in classes 1-4 for only $100!  By using coupon code:  EXPAND YOURSELF

Receive $225 OFF the entire tuition (free month of training if pay in full!) by using coupon code:  I CHOOSE ME.

Monthly payment options available or if you have further questions, you may schedule FREE Office Hours with me HERE or on my website: under the ‘Book Now’ tab or on Instagram on my profile: BOOK! I’d be honored to be your teacher.

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New Psychic Development Program Starts Soon!

~Psychic Crystal Sunshine… Internationally Known Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer & Teacher. Star of Metaphysical Q & A and guest star of Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief w/ George Noory: Metaphysics for the Masses…coming in October!

Psychic Development Program.

I’m Crystal Sunshine, a formally trained Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer and Teacher. I’ve created Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy! A complete comprehensive Psychic and Metaphysical Program which will change your perspective on how you live here on the Earth Plane as well as on the Astral Planes. You will graduate from this program completely changed; mind, body & soul; becoming fully integrated with your Higher Self. This program is designed to give you the tools to become a Professional Psychic & Healer and/ or to expand and heal your own self.  It’s designed to expand your consciousness and teach you the ways of The Universe.

What students say about the program

“Crystal’s class has been, hands down, the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. It has not only helped me to develop my intuition and skills as a psychic, but has helped me to heal IMMENSELY in my personal life and gain confidence in myself. Crystal is an excellent and compassionate teacher, and her mere presence in my life has helped me to step into my own light and begin to share it with others”…Jessica 

“What fun I’ve had in this course of study, and how much I’ve learned! I’ve always wanted to see what’s “behind the curtain” and Crystal really helps you do just that!! Her delivery is the perfect combination of information and experience. Her genuine interest in you and what you’re trying to achieve is the icing on the cake. I recommend her classes without hesitation to anyone looking to expand their horizons and learn more about themselves and their abilities.”…Bobbi

I’m so grateful I took the Psychic Development course from Crystal Sunshine, my life has changed on so many levels (mental, emotional and physical). Crystal is an amazing teacher, she makes the subject matter easy to understand and she is so kind, encouraging and well, she rocks!!! I definitely recommend the course!”…Aaliyah

“Crystal is a gifted psychic reader and she has a huge heart and beautiful soul! I just love the classes that she teaches and I have been growing and learning a lot spiritually as well as emotionally. I’m very grateful she is part of my life now!”…Roberta

Program starts soon!  Class size is limited, to provide an intimate learning space. Please don’t hesitate to secure your spot sooner than later. This is a virtual phone program, we can all study in our pajamas, yay! We meet once a week over the phone for approximately 2 hours with 24 classes in the program. No stress or pressure if you can’t make class live as you’ll receive the audio recording and pdf notes each week! Come be part of our Bright Suns Soul Tribe! I teach w/ humility and HUMOR! By our 4th Class, you start to Psychically read. It’s easier to learn how to bring forward your innate psychic abilities than learning how to walk, how about that?!

After the 6 month program, an Advanced 5 month Psychic Development Program is offered and then a 5 month TEACH Psychic Development Program.

Ready to secure your seat?  Click HERE.  Payment options available.

Still undecided?
Click HERE to schedule FREE Office Hours with me to discuss your goals and questions.

I’d be honored to be your teacher! The world needs more Lightworkers like yourself!


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How Many Incarnations Have You Had?

Psychic Reading Clinic

Please join me in this week’s enticing topic! Psychic Reading Clinic. ‘How Many Incarnations Have You Had?.  Psychic Reading Clinic’s are every Wednesday at 6:00pm PST and Sunday at 8:30am PST and run an hour-long.  Psychic Reading Clinic’s are available to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy students and Golden Rose Psychic Academy students.  Psychic Reading Clinics are FREE to current enrolled students of both phone Clairvoyant Psychic Development programs.  The cost is $15 for graduates to attend or for students that are studying through both Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’s and Golden Rose Psychic Academy’s downloadable audio courses.  Only (4) four classes are required to be eligible for our Psychic Reading Clinics.

Next 6 Month Psychic Development Program starts Nov. 3rd, 2018.  Enrollment now open and limited to only 10 students.  Secure your place in class HERE.

I also have two workshops in October:  Meditation FundamenTOOLs and Women’s Intuition.

Metaphysical Teachings for Real Life!

Join my weekly live virtual Teachings each Tuesday at 10am PST with my great friend, Dr. Lauren Cielo.  New topics each week with Q & A near the end of each session!

Even if you can’t make the live event, just sign up and you’ll receive a recording of the Teaching in your email inbox!