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Breaking & Clearing Karmic Cycles Advanced Psychic Development Saturday's 10:00pm PST class, we start our Advanced Psychic Development! Students will learn what karma really is (hint: it's not what you think!) and tools to break and clear karma.  Shifting perspective that we don't have control over our karmic cycles, yes we do!  This class will transform your life!  I'm… Continue reading Breaking & Clearing Karmic Cycles

Beginner's Psychic Development I, Psychic Academy, Psychic Development

Karma-is it really gonna get you? Psychic Development I Sunday's 5:30pm class, as students enter into their 6th month of training, they're going to advance their space and learn ALL about Karma!  One of my favorite classes.  Not only will they learn about karma but they will learn how to BREAK and CLEAR Karma.  One of the most important techniques throughout… Continue reading Karma-is it really gonna get you?