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Meet Psychic Crystal Sunshine

I grew up as a beach girl in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.  I was always a mild-mannered yet out going child;  I always say that I’m an introvert with great social skills and this was true for my childhood as well. I was raised in a spiritually open space.  Of course, you never know this… Continue reading Meet Psychic Crystal Sunshine

Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy Update 10.30-11.05, 2017

Happy Halloween Bright Suns! This upcoming week, we can expect the veil between our world & Spirit World to be very thin.  Spirit tells me, the thinnest it has been all year.  It's a time where you are going to feel very close to your crossed over loved one's whether you knew them or not.  

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Psychic Energy Check 10.23-29, 2017

What to expect energetically this week? This week is all about Spirituality!  We are guided to interact on a soul to soul level.  It's time to start focusing on what really matters; our souls.  If you can, look past any exterior judgements or preconceived notions and really interact on a soul to soul basis.  Essentially… Continue reading Psychic Energy Check 10.23-29, 2017

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Do We Choose our Astrological Sign?

I'm the first one to admit that I don't know much about astrology. Outside of the characteristics and time frame of each sign.  I've never really even had an interest of studying it, until this morning. When I woke, I realized I must have been studying Astrology on the Astral Plane because my first thought to… Continue reading Do We Choose our Astrological Sign?

How To Series:

How To Heal Energy Cords

Have you been feeling drained? Maybe a little tired? You might have non beneficial energy cords that are cording you! Sometimes even a brief meeting encounter with a stranger will get you tangled energetically. Maybe even friends or family enjoy your energy and light and feel wonderful in your presence, leaving them feeling alive, renewed… Continue reading How To Heal Energy Cords

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This week is all about SELF LOVE

Psychic Energy for 9.25-10.01 This upcoming week is all about SELF LOVE, Bright Suns! You deserve it!  Last week was a time of going inward, allowing for rest & learning how to balance our light & dark.  Now we move into a beautiful week of self love.  Honor YOU by surrounding yourself with the things… Continue reading This week is all about SELF LOVE

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How To Use a Psychic Pendulum

How to use a Psychic Pendulum:  The Art of Dowsing The PSYCHIC PENDULUM, I believe is the most underrated psychic tool!  Because it is SO easy & anyone can be speaking with their Highest & Best, Guides & Angels within minutes of learning!  It's seriously psychic preschool for all of you back to schoolers!  Once… Continue reading How To Use a Psychic Pendulum