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Open Up To Your Psychic Abilities

Would you like to open up to your psychic abilities and learn to: Meditate Energy Heal Give Life Readings Relationship Readings Higher Self Readings Access Past Lives (Other Lives) Talk to the Dead Chakra Readings Aura Readings Create What You Want & Activate Your Creativity Work with Spirit Guides Be Neutral & Not 'Reactive' Deprogram Yourself… Continue reading Open Up To Your Psychic Abilities

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Sympathetic Nervous System & File Clerk Psychic Development Sunday's 5:30pm class, students will learn about their Sympathetic Nervous System which is the part of our body that responds to the body’s emotional input or our 'Flight or Fight' response.  We can control our Sympathetic Nervous System with our File Clerk that is located within our Heart Chakra.  Are you fascinated yet?… Continue reading Sympathetic Nervous System & File Clerk