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Harvest Moon Meditation

YouTube Channel: The Psychic Soul Please enjoy this Guided Meditation for tonight's Harvest Full Moon in Pisces AND Friday the 13th, as you can imagine-this is an intense full moon. The energy is inward and emotional. A time to reap what you have sown. The full moon happens at exactly 9:35pm PST on Friday the… Continue reading Harvest Moon Meditation

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Spirituality of Friday the 13th & Full Moon

Friday the 13th was originally a day to celebrate the Divine Feminine in all of us.  A day of The Goddess. It is not a day to fear but to embrace the divine soul that you are; male or female. Especially on a rare day like today where we also are experiencing a full moon. Lucky,… Continue reading Spirituality of Friday the 13th & Full Moon

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Super Worm Moon Meditation

https://youtu.be/JDg-1yJWh1g https://youtu.be/JDg-1yJWh1g Today marks the 3rd and final Super Moon for this year 🌕 It sure has been an intense 2019, hasn't it?  Tonight's Super Full Moon is also considered to be a Worm Moon.  The Worm Moon is known to be an emotional moon; heavily rooted in the water element.  It is also a time… Continue reading Super Worm Moon Meditation