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Metaphors of our Ascension

Every psychic reading I perform starts with a clairvoyant image that my clients Higher Self would like to communicate to me and well, it's human body self-my client.  I typically see wild flowers or animals; all metaphors.  However, something unusual and fascinating has been happening over the last 2- 3 months. I started to see… Continue reading Metaphors of our Ascension

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Who is Speaking to You?

My dog, Luna and I were walking this evening. No one around. We were walking on the opposite side of the rocks, where there is a walking path on one side and the sand and ocean on the other. We had already been to the beach in the morning so I wasn't looking to clean… Continue reading Who is Speaking to You?

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Cebu My Spirit Guide Healing Master

Happy Sunday Bright Sun's! Cebu, My Healing Master has asked me to write about him today.  He is a Being Without Body whose job is to be my Healing Master. We have a spiritual contract agreement that I am the Clairvoyant Reader and he is the Healer.  I call him in before I start any Clairvoyant… Continue reading Cebu My Spirit Guide Healing Master