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Learn To Read Client’s Path’s Beginning Psychic Development Saturday's 1:00pm PST class, Beginning Psychic Development class 17 of 24. Students will learn how to read any and every path!   Reading Paths.  Every client wants to know what their path looks like! Also, next week is on Divination.  Please bring a deck of Oracle or Tarot Cards to class… Continue reading Learn To Read Client’s Path’s

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Healing Divination Past Lives

Tonight’s 5:30pm PST Psychic Reading Clinic :  Healing Divination Past Lives. Please join me and your fellow soul tribe in practicing your reading skills tonight at 5:30pm PST! Students and graduates who have completed classes 1-4 and above are free to join in tonight’s Psychic Reading Clinic. Where we will practice our Psychic Readings!  If you… Continue reading Healing Divination Past Lives

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Divination Beginning Psychic Development Tonight's 4:30pm PST 'Make Up' Beginning Psychic Development class, students will learn about various forms of Divination.  This is a really fun class!  Students, please don't forget to bring to class a deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards. Also, if you missed my How To: Work with a Pendulum video, please… Continue reading Divination

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Divination Today’s Clairvoyant Psychic Development 5:30pm class, students will learn about Divination! One of my favorite topics. Have your pendulums and your cards ready and learn that ANYTHING can be used for Divination. So fun!  Get ready to have your Crown Chakra activated, learn, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration even HIGHER, Lightworker Clairvoyant students! Are you… Continue reading Divination