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Tonight’s 5:30pm PST Psychic Reading Clinic :  Transformation.   Please join me and your fellow soul tribe in practicing your reading skills as well as receiving this amazing healing-tonight at 5:30pm PST! Students and graduates who have completed up to Rose Reading Class of any Berkeley Psychic Institute based curriculum is welcome and are free to join in… Continue reading Transformation

Beginner's Psychic Development I, Psychic Academy, Psychic Development, Virtual Psychic School

Spirit Guides Beginning Psychic Development Saturday's 10:00am PST class, Beginning Psychic Development students will learn about Beings without Bodies and Spirit Guides! Come join in on the fun as we lead a Spirit Guide Catwalk to view all of the Beings without Bodies that are supporting us. The topics we cover in this month of classes… Continue reading Spirit Guides

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Ascension Pt. II-Getting Prepared  Advanced Clairvoyant Psychic Development Sunday's 10:00am class is class 17 of 20 of the Psychic Development II Program.  Most of my students have been with me for almost a year now, I love you all so much! As we close out the final classes of our program, we end with a 4 part Ascension… Continue reading Ascension Pt. II-Getting Prepared