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Core Pictures-OUCH! Advanced Psychic Development Saturday's 10:00pm PST Advanced Psychic Development class, students will learn about  Core Pictures. It's the part of us that we hold on so tightly to that we allow them to define us. Get ready for a super self healing class! As I always say, kindergartens for psychics as I provide you… Continue reading Core Pictures-OUCH!

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Core Pictures Psychic Development Sunday's 5:30pm class, students will learn to read and heal their Core Pictures.  Yikes!  We all have 'pictures' or information that we start collecting as far back as in utero, these 'pictures' start to stack like dominoes.  How we react, deal and live through life is 'reading' the pictures that 'remind' us of… Continue reading Core Pictures

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Core Pictures

Today's Clairvoyant Psychic Development 10:00am class, students will learn and heal their Core Pictures.  Get ready to have your Crown Chakra activated, learn, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration even HIGHER, Lightworker Clairvoyant students! Are you interested in learning how to learn the language of Clairvoyance? Or in bringing forward your psychic abilities?  We all have them,… Continue reading Core Pictures