Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy Update 10.30-11.05, 2017

Happy Halloween Bright Suns! This upcoming week, we can expect the veil between our world & Spirit World to be very thin.  Spirit tells me, the thinnest it has been all year.  It's a time where you are going to feel very close to your crossed over loved one's whether you knew them or not.  

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Psychic Energy for Sept 11-18, 2017 The Psychic Energy of the week September 11-18, 2017 is one of self-healing.  Once we offer a healing for ourselves first, then we will receive little tidbits of self-love and doses of whatever you call spirituality; as spirituality is different for everyone. ArchAngel Azrael comes in very strong and says to please make sure you are… Continue reading Psychic Energy for Sept 11-18, 2017