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Psychic Energy Nov. 27- Dec. 03, 2017

The Psychic Message for YOU, Bright Suns is one that came from the collective of 12 ArchAngels! The idea that the collective of ArchAngels came to deliver this message says to me that it is a very important message. I’ve never felt this particular vibration before as the collective has never come to me like this. The message is “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK“. When they came through with this message, an overwhelming sense of peace passed over me.  As if a weight had been taken from my space, that there is nothing to worry about.  The Universe has your back.  All you have to do, Bright Suns is allow this energy into your space, it’s that easy! Take a deep breath and just allow the energy that says, “Everything is OK”…And so it is!

2018 Psychic Development Year Long Program

Welcome to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy! This is a complete comprehensive Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Program which will change your perspective on how we live here on the Earth Plane as well as all the work we are doing in the Real World or the Astral Plane. You will graduate from this program completely changed; with a renewed perspective and higher vibration. Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive year long Clairvoyant PHONE Training Program taught by internationally known psychic and Best American Psychic Member, Crystal Heinemann of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services.


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Psychic Energy Check 10.23-29, 2017

What to expect energetically this week?

This week is all about Spirituality!  We are guided to interact on a soul to soul level.  It’s time to start focusing on what really matters; our souls.  If you can, look past any exterior judgements or preconceived notions and really interact on a soul to soul basis.  Essentially Namasté~The light within me, honors the light within you or as my mentor, Dr. Lauren Cielo would say, “A Spirit to Spirit Hello”. This year has been a heavy year of society & governments paying close attention to our exterior bodies and it’s value or lack of value; essentially we as humans have been rated by our exterior.  Spirit urges us for not just this week but from this point forward, look to the light within all things. Humans, animals, nature.  This is where each and every one of us holds our true value and our spirituality.

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Psychic Energy Update 10.9-16, 2017

What can you expect Energetically for the upcoming week?


Hello Bright Suns! Wow. Last week certainly was a week of Fast Transformative Change. It came very quickly and rapidly changed us all.  As I said last week, change can be uncomfortable. Sometimes we are involved in life lessons that can be very painful.  On the upside, we quickly saw how humans can come together as a collective and really nurture one another.  We can be such beautiful, sentient beings when we are put to the test.  I hope that you all found the energy of Inner Peace as we moved towards the end of the week.

As we enter this week, my Highest & Best Spirit Guides & Angels urge us all to start our own personal “grassroots” movement of self healing.  The experiences that we are having, is because our Higher Selves have agreed to participate in them.  Whether they are easy or tough lessons, we have to start becoming aware that they are OUR LESSONS to be had.  From a grassroots level, we are urged to release any victim energy we may be carrying and take ownership that there are no victims in this School of Life.  We are all active participants.  If we can call back our energy from the events of recent past and use that energy to heal ourselves, then we can ultimately begin to heal others as well as heal Mother Earth, who is mirroring our emotions.

I took a moment to read Mother Earth’s energy and what she showed me, I find to be quite profound.  The way that I, personally read Earth’s energy is that she is a feminine energy that is very, very empathic.  Meaning, she can feel what we, as humans are feeling.  She showed me that she is empathically emoting what the collective consciousness of us humans are emoting here on her surface.  If we were to start finding our peace through self healing, she could also find peace. 

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How To Heal Energy Cords

Have you been feeling drained? Maybe a little tired? You might have non beneficial energy cords that are cording you! Sometimes even a brief meeting encounter with a stranger will get you tangled energetically. Maybe even friends or family enjoy your energy and light and feel wonderful in your presence, leaving them feeling alive, renewed and refreshed! However, leaving you drained, tired and ready for a nap! Maybe even hibernation, ha! This is part of my How To Series: Healing Energetic Cords. It starts with a brief lecture and then I guide you in the energy work. The workshop is just $5.55 and upon payment, you receive the link right away! Enjoy Bright Suns! I am GRATEFUL! Sharing is caring! Please share, like, comment and purchase! XXOO

To purchase workshop PLEASE CLICK HERE.

We will be uploading weekly “How To” workshops, please come back and visit us often to browse our offerings.  Same high vibration price, same format!

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This week is all about SELF LOVE

Psychic Energy for 9.25-10.01

This upcoming week is all about SELF LOVE, Bright Suns! You deserve it!  Last week was a time of going inward, allowing for rest & learning how to balance our light & dark.  Now we move into a beautiful week of self love.  Honor YOU by surrounding yourself with the things that make you most happy.  Maybe it’s a good book, your favorite meal, a walk on the beach or even your favorite cozy robe or slippers.  Whatever it is, find moments this week to HONOR YOU. This will provide each of us a full tank of energetic gas.  Once we are full, we can better serve others.  


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Healing from the Total Solar Eclipse


fullsizeoutput_35a9     When I was invited to experience the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, everything inside of my body went YES YES YES! However, my physical body wasn’t as excited to travel over a week’s time & thousands of miles.  The advantage of being an intuitive psychic is knowing to pay attention to the vibration of YES! I didn’t know why my spirit & soul kept saying YES but I did know that I had to honor them.  My body, mind & spirit is a democracy so my body had to go along with the overruling.

     The week’s leading up to the solar eclipse were quite an intense time for both myself as well as my clients.  I, myself felt unsettled and a bit anxious which is uncommon.  My clients were going through mass change, feeling overwhelmed as well as a bit chaotic.  

 fullsizeoutput_3565    For this, I had no idea what the energy of the total solar eclipse was going to bring, if anything!  I’m not well educated with astronomy or astrology or anything to do with stars & planets, outside of being able to read their energy.  What I did know was that I was going to experience something visually stunning but the energy field was unknown.  

     We gathered with about 30 people on a private  ranch in Richland, Oregon.  I knew about 5% of the people.  It was quite a gathering of much excitement of the unknown! If you weren’t aware of an eclipse happening, you really wouldn’t have had any clues leading up to it.  Unless you looked through the solar glasses which black out everything but the sun, you would not know that this beautiful exchange was happening.  What surprised me most was the sudden 10-15 degree drop in temperature.  Then very quickly Lady Moon covered the sun & in a short minute and 12 seconds, we were in complete darkness.  

    fullsizeoutput_35a8 What then transpired was the most amazing experience of my life! In that brief minute, a group of virtual strangers all came together in a euphoric moment.  Everyone’s heart centers were completely open!  I could see everyone’s heart chakras open to a higher dimension of unconditional, blissful love.  For this minute, we all felt what living in a higher vibration would feel like, our souls vibrating to this amazing healing energy shift from our moon.  It was something that gave no warning, no signs but in a minutes time everyone hugged & shared how much love they felt.  It was the most beautiful, unforgettable experience.  For our earth bound bodies were integrated with our higher selves & vibrating to the 9th dimension of higher, unconditional love.  

    ~ If you would like to book a clairvoyant psychic reading with me~