We all have Spirit Animal Guides or what Native American cultures call Totem Spirit Animals or Power Animals. Spirit Animals are with us to help guide us, nurture us and provide us information on certain aspects of our lives. Is there a specific animal that you have an affection for or that tends to show up in your everyday life in this physical world, dream world or even books or tv? This is direct communication from your Spirit Animal Guide! Please allow me to guide you to discover yours! This is a really fun workshop that starts with a lecture on what are Spirit Animal Guides and then I guide you in energy work with a guided meditation to discover two of your Power Animals!

How will you benefit from this workshop?  You will first learn how to bring forward your first Spiritual Animal Guide or Totem Animal or Power Animal that will be with you for this entire lifetime. You will have an opportunity to receive information from this guide such as what it does for you.  You will then learn how to bring forward a less dominant Spiritual Animal Guide who is helping you and supporting you in this current lifetime.

This video workshop is just under 37 mins long.

This video workshop is instantly available once you purchase it.  It can also be played daily or as many times as you like to learn more Spiritual Animal Guides.

We do ask to please work from the Highest Good of All and not to share.  We offer our online workshops for a very reasonable price so everyone can learn and grown while still offering an equal exchange of energy to you AND us!


This Video Workshop is available for instant download and viewing.

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a link to view and download.

**Disclaimer**There are no refunds on purchased workshops. However if you have an issue, please notify Crystal@CrystalSunshinePsychicServices.com instantly.


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