Workshop! How To: Use a Psychic Pendulum

In this Video Workshop you will learn HOW TO: Use a Psychic Pendulum!  The video workshop shows a step by step process of how to start communicating and utilizing your psychic pendulum.  The Psychic Pendulum, I believe is THE most underrated psychic tool!  Because it’s SO easy and anyone can do it!  It’s like psychic preschool!  Once you learn, you will be asking yourself “what you ever did without yours!”  It’s an easy tool to be able to communicate with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and even the highest energy, which I like to call the Supreme Being or Universe or Source, whatever you like to use.  All of this is done by moving energy from your body through the pendulum, it’s so easy, you’ll see!  

How will you benefit from this workshop?  You will learn what a pendulum is. The history of the pendulum. Fun Facts of the pendulum. How to get started with your pendulum. How to create a communication ritual with your pendulum. You will also learn how to ask who is communicating with you through the pendulum. You will learn Yes/No Answers as well as polarity questions and answers.  Lastly, you will benefit from having FUN!

If you would like to purchase a pendulum with this workshop, please fill out the contact form below.  The cost for a pendulum is $12.99.

This workshop is approx 23 mins long.

This video workshop is instantly available once you purchase it.  It can also be played daily or as many times as you like when you are feeling like you want to change how your are viewing issues or the world or if you would like to change how people, friends, family, coworkers, your community or the world is viewing you!

Once purchased, the link is always yours or you can download it and you can replay as many times as you like.

However, we do ask to please work from the Highest Good of All and not to share.  We offer our online workshops for a very reasonable price so everyone can learn and grow while still offering an equal exchange of energy to you AND us! But do please spread the word if you do like this workshop or any other workshop here.  Sharing is caring!


**Disclaimer**There are no refunds on video workshops. If you have a technical error. Please contact Crystal@CrystalSunshinePsychicServices.com



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