In this Video Workshop you will learn how to change how you are viewing the world or something and how the world or something is viewing you!  The video workshop opens up with a brief lecture of what the aura is and how to change or shift your 6th and 7th layer of your aura.  Information in the 6th layer of our aura tells us how to view the world.  The 7th layer of our aura tells the world how to view us!  Once you understand how to shift, replace and change these bits of information, you can shift almost everything in your life! Then Crystal Sunshine will lead you in a guided meditation to start the energy work.

How will you benefit from this workshop?  You will learn how to completely shift and change your perspective as well as the world’s perspective of you! If you are looking to make a change in your life; for example changing careers, relationship status or a move this workshop is for you!  Learn how to energetically shift this information.  I used this technique when I wanted to move from the corporate world to a spiritual based sole proprietor business.  It works FAST!

This workshop is approx 33 mins long.

This video workshop is instantly available once you purchase it.  It can also be played daily or as many times as you like when you are feeling like you want to change how your are viewing issues or the world or if you would like to change how people, friends, family, coworkers, your community or the world is viewing you!

My recommendation would be to sit this workshop once a week, if not daily until your energy has shifted to the change. Once purchased, the link is always yours or you can download it and you can replay as many times as you like.

However, we do ask to please work from the Highest Good of All and not to share.  We offer our online workshops for a very reasonable price so everyone can learn and grow while still offering an equal exchange of energy to you AND us! But do please spread the word if you do like this workshop or any other workshop here.  Sharing is caring!


**Disclaimer**There are no refunds on Video Workshops. If you have a technical error, please contact Crystal@CrystalSunshinePsychicServices.com

Still haven’t decided?  Please watch the first 1 mins below:


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