HOW TO: Release Energetic Cords


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In this Video Workshop you will learn how to read, heal and release energy cords from your body, chakras and aura.  The video workshop opens up with a brief lecture of what energy cords are, where they are located and how they affect us.  We all have them.  We may be corded from the front of body, chakras and aura or we may be corded from the back.  Find out why it’s important to identify the cords that are running from the back of your system!  Then Crystal Sunshine will lead you in a guided meditation to start the energy work.

How will you benefit from this workshop?  You will learn how to read, heal and release any energy cords that are plugged into your body, chakras and aura.  You will learn how to decipher if these cords are beneficial or non beneficial.  You will learn how to release and heal the space if they are non beneficial.  If energy cords are non beneficial, you may feel drained and tired.  What I like to call, emotional vampires may cord you because you carry an energy that they like.  They feel renewed and revitalized as you feel completely drained and tired.  Like you need a constant nap!

This workshop is just under 27 mins long.

This video workshop is instantly available once you purchase it.  It can also be played daily or as many times you like when you are feeling drained or if you want to make sure you’re free and clear of non beneficial energy cords.

My recommendation would be to sit this workshop once a week to heal your body, chakras and aura of any non beneficial energy cords that you have picked up from the week.  Once purchased, the link is always yours and you can replay as many times as you like.

However, we do ask to please work from the Highest Good of All and not to share.  We offer our online workshops for a very reasonable price so everyone can learn and grown while still offering an equal exchange of energy to you AND us!


Still haven’t decided?  Please watch the first 2 mins below:

Healing Energetic Cords Intro

**Disclaimer** There are no refunds on Video Workshops. If you have a technical error, please contact


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