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The Psychic Pendulum, which I believe is THE most underrated psychic tool!  Because it’s SO easy and anyone can do it! It’s like psychic preschool!  Once you learn, you will be asking yourself “what you ever did without yours!?”  It’s an easy tool to be able to communicate with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and even the highest energy, which I like to call the Supreme Being or Universe or Source, whatever you like to use.  All of this is done by moving energy from your body through the pendulum, it’s so easy, you’ll see!

I have a really fun, easy & unique way to use a Psychic Pendulum! With the purchase of a Psychic Pendulum, you will receive my FREE Video Workshop: How To Use a Psychic Pendulum along w/ a link to my notes!

I work with my Psychic Pendulum every single day!  Through my FREE Video Workshop, you will learn a sure proof way to use your Psychic Pendulum & receive accurate information.

Each Psychic Pendulum has been energetically cleared and charged.

$24.99 Including Shipping

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