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Handcrafted Pendulum Boards. A variety of Angel, Ascended Master & Spirit Boards available.  Psychic Crystal Sunshine will meditate on your name and with the guidance of her Spirit Guides, she’ll choose a specific board for you! Isn’t that part of the fun?

A pendulum board is a great way to have a foundation with your pendulum work!

If you are not sure about using a pendulum with this simple yes/no system, use a board.

Pendulum Boards can aid you in ensuring that your answers are accurate. This is a tried and true method to give you total surety.

Pendulum Boards have “Yes” “No” “Maybe” and/or  “I don’t know or rephrase“. The Alphabet to receive names. As well as numbers and %’s to receive number answers or time frames.

Instruct the pendulum to show you the answers via the board. It will work perfectly once you have given the pendulum, which is connecting to your higher self, the instructions.

If you are wondering what type of healing you should have for a health problem, you can utilize your pendulum to get the answer easily and quickly.

Pendulums can be used to help you to find lost objects too, as long as you ask the right question. This sounds simple, but if you aren’t getting an answer, refine the question, make it more targeted.

With the purchase of each pendulum board, you will receive my FREE Video Workshop on How To: Use a Pendulum!  I have a really fun and unique way in teaching YOU to use a Psychic Pendulum!


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