In this class of the Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy, you will learn to:

  • Read Chakras
    • Have fun!
    • Learn:
      • What Chakras are
      • What type of information each main Chakra holds
      • To Read the vibration (color) of each Chakra
      • To Read the information (pictures) in each Chakra
      • To heal and balance each Chakra.

This Audio Class is 1:57.01 Mins Long. Instant link to listen or download.

PD-05 Learn the Chakras Audio class is 5 of 44 classes of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’s Year Long Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program.  It is not necessary however, it would be beneficial to listen to the series in order from class 1-4.  After class 4, each class is an additional tool or technique to help build your space or professional practice.  However, it’s recommended to listen sequentially. If you have completed classes 1-4…CONGRATULATIONS! You are now able to join Psychic Crystal Sunshine & Dr. Lauren Cielo’s Psychic Reading Clinics.

Psychic Reading Clinics are Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’s & Dr. Lauren Cielo’s Golden Rose Academy students.  Every Sunday at 8:30am PST and every Wednesday at 6:00pm PST.

If you would like to bundle classes 1-4 and receive a coupon for a free Psychic Reading Clinic, click here:

Whether you are wanting to expand your energetic field, raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, learn about metaphysics or to become a professional Clairvoyant Psychic & Healer, this program is for you!

The Class begins with an Opening Meditation of Grounding, Running Earth & Cosmic Energy, Calling in Healing Master & Filling in with a Golden Sun. Lecture: Chakras. Meditation: Reading and Healing Your Own 1st and 3rd Chakras. Lecture: How Chakras communicate. Meditation: Chakras Saying ‘Hello’. Reading Exercise- Reading and Healing Chakras-In this segment, you will have the opportunity to psychically READ any person in which you have their FULL name.  The person does not need to be present. 

I would be honored to be your teacher…

Psychic Crystal Sunshine


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