In this class of the Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy, you will learn to:

    • Have fun!
    • Learn what a Growth Period is and how to measure and manage them
    • Receive a Spirit Guide!
      • Meet Your Spirit Guide, Healing Master and learn to work with them.

This is a 2 part Audio Class

First audio class is 1:54.17 mins long. Second audio is a Healing Master Meditation-27:31 mins long.

PD-03:  Healing Masters & Spiritual Growth Periods. Audio class is 3 of 44 classes of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’s Year Long Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program.  It is not necessary however, it would be beneficial to listen to the series in order from class 1-4.  After class 4, each class is an additional tool or technique to help build your space or professional practice.  However, it’s recommended to listen sequentially.

Once you have received this class.  Please wait for confirmation directly from Psychic Crystal Sunshine (usually within 24 hours) via email; please fill out below comment form.  Once she receives notification that you have purchased this class, she will travel to the Cathedral of Souls on the Astral Plane with her Healing Master, Cebu to contract you in YOUR Healing Master.  Psychic Crystal Sunshine and Cebu will choose a Healing Master that best matches your vibration.  Congratulations!

Whether you are wanting to expand your energetic field, raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, learn about metaphysics or to become a professional Clairvoyant Psychic & Healer, this program is for you!

The Class begins with an Opening Meditation of Grounding, Running Earth & Cosmic Energy & Filling in with a Golden Sun. Lecture: Growth Periods. Meditation: Reading & Healing Growth Periods. Lecture: Healing Masters. Meditation: Meet Your Healing Master (please wait for personal email from Psychic Crystal Sunshine confirming she has contracted you in YOUR Healing Master). Lecture: Healing Master stories. Meditation: Working with your Healing Master. Closing Meditation.

I would be honored to be your teacher…

Psychic Crystal Sunshine


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