Past Life Reading



This is a mini reading.  Approx. 30 Min Audio Recorded Reading of a Past Life.  Please fill out your full name on the Contact Form.  Crystal is able to connect to your Higher Self with your full name.  The Mini Psychic Reading starts out with Crystal reading a message from your Higher Self to you.  Then she will look into one past life of yours.  If there is a specific concentration you would like for her to look into, please specify on the Contact Form.  For example, if you have a specific phobia or fear, please state it and Crystal will be able to pull forward the past life of how and why you have this phobia.  Or if you would like her to look into other past lives with your loved one’s, she can do that too!  Or a romantic interest.  Anything! If nothing is specified, Crystal will look into the past life that wants to come forward most.

This is an incredibly fun and healing service.

Once purchased, you will receive the Audio Recording via email within 7-10 business days.


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