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Starts Jan. 2020!

Welcome to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy!  Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive Training Program that will give you the tools to TEACH Psychic Development. Taught by internationally known psychic and Best American Psychic Member, Crystal Heinemann. This is for any graduate of Psychic Development I & II or Clair I & II. Also, If you’ve been trained in other BPI Programs and would like to enroll, you are welcome here!
20 Classes. We meet once per week for approx. 75 mins over the phone. Virtual.

In the Teacher’s Program, students have the opportunity to assist Crystal in a variety of her classes.  It is up to the student as to how proactive they would like to be.  There is also an opportunity to create a class project; to teach a workshop that students create.  Virtual or in person.  Students choice!

Classes have the same format as my other classes: Review, Opening Meditation, Lecture, Reading Segment, Closing Meditation.

What is the cost? 20 Classes in 5 months. $45.00 per class.

  • Total cost of program is $900
  • Payment Options Below.  Payment is your guaranteed enrollment.
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available for $180 per month.  Please contact Crystal for this option.
  • Many blessings!

Enrollment BenefitsStudent Perks! 

  • 50% OFF any Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services during your enrollment
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Readings
      • Additional Classes and Workshops; Phone, Live & Audio
      • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Access to any future Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program
    • Once graduated, you have access to any class in any future Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program
      • Single class or multiple or entire program
  • Exclusive access to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’s Student Facebook Group
    • A safe place to “take a break” and ask your fellow students and soul tribe any questions
    • Maybe even trade readings or business ideas and resources
    • A great avenue to connect on a personal level
    • We are all here to raise everyone up! I do not allow students who do not match that vibration
  • FREE Enrollment in WEEKLY Psychic Reading Clinics
      • Wednesday at 6:00pm PST
      • An opportunity to practice your Reading Skills with other students 4 x’s per month
  • UPON GRADUATION you will receive a “badge” of certification!
    • Certifying that you successfully completed The Teacher’s Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program
    • Wonderful accreditation to put on your website, social media and any other marketing platforms

Classes may change without notice

  • Reading w/ Eyes Open
    • Learn to create bio’s
    • Class Goals
  • How to Use An Assistant
    • How to BE a Good Assistant
  • Teaching on the Astral
  • Writing Curriculum
  • Teaching Students to Read
  • How to Perform Energy Checks & Contract in Healing Masters
  • Reading In a Line
  • Conducting Reading Clinics
  • Using Telepathic Channels to Teach
  • Answering Student Questions
  • Worse Fears About Teaching
  • The Real Age of Your Students
  • Teaching House & Business Clearings
  • From Student to Teacher; Part I
  • From Student to Teacher; Part II
  • Shadow Side
  • Goals for Teachers, Students & Classes
  • How NOT to Teach From Your Growth Period
  • Creating Your Own School

Please fill out the Contact Form to Enroll or if you’d like additional details on the Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program.   I look forward to being your teacher and you joining our soul tribe! Or please visit the ‘Book Now’ tab and schedule a Free Office Hours appointment and we can chat!


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