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This service is for the individual or business group who would like to be intuitively guided in regards to growing a business.  I have found over the years that my Spiritual Team loves to give business advice as well as constant business ideas.  So much where I couldn’t not make it a service!  They are very passionate about creating a platform for people & businesses to live their life path, creating a passionate & thriving personal & business life.  This is a personalized and individualized service.  We will also work on any blocks or trauma you may have, this life or past lives.  I will also work with you in regards to bringing forward the best you by bringing forward all of the experiences pertaining to your current business, from past lives.  

How will you benefit from this? You will feel guided & supported in your business life, receiving advice from my Light Body Spiritual Team.  Clearing any self sabotage or karmic blocks that may stand in your way of success & abundance.

Sessions are purchased by the hour/ $150.  Multiple session packages are also available. Please inquire.

IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES please state your Full Name. On all readings, I am able to connect with your Higher Self by saying your FULL name 3 x’s.  Your full name is what you currently identify with.  For instance, if you are married or divorced, it is how you identify yourself.  Please contact Crystal directly at: to book your Spiritual Mentor sessions.

We are so grateful BRIGHT SUNS!


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