HOW TO: Discover Your Past Lives


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In this workshop, you will discover two of your many, many past lives. The past lives that you will discover are lives that are beneficial to your healing in this lifetime. For instance, if you find that you might have a fear of heights, knives or water; your Highest and Best Guides and Angels will bring forward that lifetime so you can heal your fear. If maybe you have a challenged or absolutely wonderful relationship with someone, you will discover why this is. It’s an incredible healing workshop that can be sat over and over to uncover information that can assist you for this lifetime.

The workshop opens up with a lecture on past lives and then it moves into the healing work of going into meditation or trance. The workshop lecture part can be watched at any time however, when doing the meditation energy work, I ask that you please be in a safe, quiet place to allow your Highest and Best Guides and Angels to the work for you and show you what you, as an individual need to know in terms of healing through past lives.
I thank you for being here, Bright Suns! I am so grateful for you.

Video Workshop is 30:44 mins long

Once purchased, you will receive instantly a link to view and download workshop.

Sharing is caring, however I do ask that you do not share the link.  I keep my workshop prices very low so everyone can have an equal exchange of energy.

In Love & Light!
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