Custom Spirit Wand



Hand crafted by Earth Echoes.

Linda DuMont and Mother Earth, in harmony with Psychic Crystal Sunshine’s readings.

Allow the vibrations of your Spirit Guide Crystals to amplify, with your personalized meditation wand. Each crystal chosen, cleansed, and blessed, then laid upon a hand polished selenite wand, which opens the doorway to the Higher Self. Useful to hold during meditation or to awaken the energy of the mineral kingdom and your Spirit Guides.

Pair it with a Spiritual Team Introduction, Custom Meditation or as a gift to you or someone else!

When paired with a Spiritual Team Introduction, Psychic Crystal Sunshine will communicate to Linda DuMont your Spiritual Team information.  Linda DuMont will tune into each one of your Spirit Guide’s vibration and each one of your Spirit Guide’s will “guide” Linda to a crystal, stone or gem that matches their vibration.  Your wand will be completely customized.  The foundation will be polished selenite and then a crystal, stone or gem that represents the vibration of each one of your Spirit Guides.

If you are purchasing solely for yourself, Linda will tune into your energy and intuitively provide you will a variety of crystals, stones and/ or gems that will assist you in life.  If you have specific healing requests, please fill out the comment form below and Linda will work with you individually in choosing the most beneficial Crystal Wand.

If you a purchasing with a Custom Meditation, Linda will customize the crystals, stones, gems for what you are looking to achieve through your custom meditation.

Selenite Crystals are one of the must have crystals that everyone should have in their home. The selenite healing properties make it one of the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of high vibration energy through your body or also a space. They are one of the most powerful crystals for energy clearing and energy cleansing, making them an essential tool for uplifting lower energies.


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