How To: Communicate to Passed over or Deceased Loved One’s.

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In this workshop, you will discover How To communicate to passed over or deceased loved ones. In this video workshop, it begins with a short lecture on what it means to be a “passed over loved one” and how we can begin to communicate with the deceased. Essentially learning how to become your very own Psychic Medium! You will be guided on how to set up protection tools to make sure it is indeed your loved one. You are then guided in a meditation where the energy work and communication begins. This is perfect for anyone who has just lost a loved one or anyone who longs to communicate with a passed over loved one. It’s an incredible healing workshop that can be sat over and over and passed over loved one’s being brought forward.

Video Workshop is 37:07 mins long

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Sharing is caring, however I do ask that you do not share the link.  I keep my workshop prices very low so everyone can have an equal exchange of energy.

In Love & Light!
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