Spirit Guide Team Introduction



This is a 2 part audio recorded service.   I ask your Highest & Best Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters & Angels to step forward.  I collectively ask how many will be present.  I then draw where you stand and then where your team stands around you.  I then continue to look into each of of them, pulling whatever information they would like to share with you and me.  Normally, what color they are vibrating to, what their valence looks like, what they do for you, if you’ve incarnated before, etc.  In a 2nd audio recording, I create a custom meditation for you to meet your Spiritual Team and for them to heal you.  It is really beautiful.  

How will you benefit from this service? This service allows you to get in touch with your spirituality and become personal and on a first name basis with your Spiritual Team.  We are all so supported on this Earth plane and we all deserve to know by who!

IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES please state your question clearly and include your Full Name. On all readings, I am able to connect with your Higher Self by saying your FULL name 3 x’s.  Your full name is what you currently identify with.  For instance, if you are married or divorced, it is how you identify yourself.  While times may vary, Crystal Sunshine usually completes this service within 7-10 business days. I am grateful BRIGHT SUNS!


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