30 Min Phone or In Person Psychic Reading



Please scroll down to calendar to schedule appointment. A $20 Fee is added for LIVE sessions due to an office rental fee.

I am able to tune into messages from your Higher Self and Spiritual Team by connecting with your full name.  

My readings start with a metaphoric message from your Higher Self.  It is usually something that your Higher Self is working on at the very moment and most often pertains to what you want the focus of your reading to be about.  I then look into your chakra system and see what chakras are imbalanced.  If you have any that are not balanced, I’ll send my Light Body Healing Master in to heal and balance your system. This is an incredible healing all on it’s own.

I will then open up your reading for any questions you would like me to look into for you!

If you would like to list the subject, healing requests or any questions in advance, which would allow me to look deeply into the answers in meditation before our reading, please feel free!  This allows for more questions to be answered

.  If not, that works too!



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