Akashic Record Keeper Introduction



 This is a 2 part audio recorded service.  First audio is your Akashic Record Keeper Introduction.  The second audio is a guided meditation to meet your Akashic Record Keeper.

  • What are the Akashic Records?
    • A chronicle of everything that has happened since THIS Universe began.
    • Your Records are a subset of the entire records.
    • They are located in The Cathedral of Souls on The Astral Plane.
  • What is an Akashic Record Keeper?
    • We ALL have one, there is no need to “call” one in.  Our ARK have always been with us, in this current lifetime.  It’s just about getting familiar with them!
    • Your ARK (Akashic Record Keeper) is a Light Body (Being w/out Body) that you have had a Soul Contract with for your entire incarnation without knowing it. An unconscious contract, until now!
  • What does an ARK do?
    • Moves pictures and Soul Contracts back & forth from your energy field (body, chakras & aura) and the Akashic Records.
      • This brings you into Present Time as all the Past Pictures & Soul Contracts you are done with, go back into your Akashic Records and new ones come out for you to work on next.
      • Our ARK always know what is “next” for us, even though we do not because they have access to all of our Souls records!
      • You can leverage this fact by consciously asking your ARK to put pictures in your space for specific endeavors you would like to create or manifest.
  • Why do we need an Akashic Record Keeper?
    • We cannot directly access our own Records as we may subconsciously be tempted to tamper with them.

How will you benefit from this service? This service allows you to get in touch with your spirituality and become personal and on a first name basis with your ARK.  It will also allow you to change your space, allowing you to manifest at a rapid level! We are all so supported on this Earth plane and we all just need the tools to learn how to best utilize our support.

IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES please state your Full Name. On all readings, I am able to connect with your Higher Self by saying your FULL name 3 x’s.  Your full name is what you currently identify with.  For instance, if you are married or divorced, it is how you identify yourself.  While times may vary, Crystal Sunshine usually completes this service within 7-10 business days. I am grateful BRIGHT SUNS!


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