12 Month Look Ahead Reading



A 12 Month Look Ahead Reading

No matter what time of year a full calendar year “look ahead” reading is a wonderful holiday gift for any friend or loved one or FOR YOU.

This is an email recorded service.  Not a live reading.  Crystal will tune into you or your loved one’s Higher Self and provide a mini reading for each of the 12 months of the calendar year.  She’ll then pick an Oracle Card for additional guidance for each month as well. As usual, she is always guided by her Spirit Guides and Angels.

How will you benefit from this service:  You will receive a message from your Higher Self for each month of a full year, providing you with continued guidance for the entire year.  Many of my clients keep their recording and write notes in their calendar of what each month will bring.  You will then receive more clarity and guidance through the Oracle Card monthly reading.

This service is available all year long.

IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES please state your Full Name. On all readings, I am able to connect with your Higher Self by saying your FULL name.  Your full name is what you currently identify with.  For instance, if you are married or divorced, it is how you identify yourself.  While times may vary, Crystal Sunshine usually completes this service within 7-10 business days.



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