The Ascending Woman Workshop

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This special meditation class for women is designed to allow you to know what you’re truly capable of as a SOUL in a female body. Gain self acceptance and personal empowerment. Experience and express the sacredness of your feminine self; validate your body as the vessel of pleasure, joy and wellness. This class is a divine offering for women to:

  • Validate and celebrate being a SOUL in a female body
  • Let go of guilt and responsibility you experience because you are a woman
  • Stop being effected by other people’s emotions, judgments and competition
  • Be friends with your own emotions and use them to heal yourself
  • Own your female power and experience your divine feminine energy
  • Discover your personal female healing powers and validate your wellness
  • Work with a healing guide (Healing Mistress) whose sole purpose is to pamper, nurture and heal you
  • Communicate with your body in the highest vibration of joy, wellness, abundance and validation
  • Trust your intuition, develop confidence, and be truly aware of your boundless female creativity
  • Establish clarity with your personal goals and certainty in your ability to manifest for yourself as a unique spirit in a female body
  • Find spiritual autonomy in the context of family, friends and intimate relationships
  • Release family patterns and behaviors while learning to accept and validate your family heritage.

As in all of my programs and workshops, we run a VERY high vibration and only work with energies that boost each other up and allow everyone’s light to shine as bright as they possibly can!

This is a LIVE or AUDIO RECORDED workshop.  No stress or worries if you cannot call in at the live time, you will be emailed each class recording, every week along with PDF notes.  Giving you the option to attend live or work through the workshop on your own time via the weekly recordings and notes.

$250 for 4 week (2) hour Phone Workshop.

I look forward to helping you bring forward the Divine Goddess you came here to be!

You. Are. Sacred.