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Spirituality of Friday the 13th & Full Moon

Friday the 13th was originally a day to celebrate the Divine Feminine in all of us.  A day of The Goddess. It is not a day to fear but to embrace the divine soul that you are; male or female. Especially on a rare day like today where we also are experiencing a full moon. Lucky,… Continue reading Spirituality of Friday the 13th & Full Moon

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Super Worm Moon Meditation

https://youtu.be/JDg-1yJWh1g https://youtu.be/JDg-1yJWh1g Today marks the 3rd and final Super Moon for this year 🌕 It sure has been an intense 2019, hasn't it?  Tonight's Super Full Moon is also considered to be a Worm Moon.  The Worm Moon is known to be an emotional moon; heavily rooted in the water element.  It is also a time… Continue reading Super Worm Moon Meditation

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Super Snow Moon Meditation

http://www.youtube.com/watch Today marks the 2nd of our 3 Super Moons this year 🌕 It’s the best moon of the year to release anything that’s no longer serving you. It’s a time to open up to your 6th senses. Also, to start nurturing those seeds you planted in the beginning of the year, they’re starting to… Continue reading Super Snow Moon Meditation


Valentine’s Day Meditation

Please enjoy a Valentine's Gift from ME to YOU! https://youtu.be/7p1mlEPXIfY https://youtu.be/7p1mlEPXIfY Happy Valentines Day, Bright Suns! Please enjoy my Universal LOVE Meditation where I guide you to release any and all resistance you may be carrying; conscious or unconscious to love. Then I call forward your Highest and Best Guides and Angels to assist your… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Meditation