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Luna and Sunshine

Luna, my beloved companion-a mermaid in a bulldogs body.  Before she found a home with me, I kept ‘hearing’, ‘seeing’ and ‘sensing’ the name Luna.  I had no idea why.  This name had never come into my space before.  Then a beautiful, white speckled bulldog was offered to me.  Big gulp.  I knew this was ‘Luna’ and she had been connecting with me far before she actually came into my physical life.

My name is Crystal Sunshine.  I’ve always worn this name with pride.  Welcoming in the idea of offering ‘light’ into people’s lives.  Sunshine.  Seemed fitting.

Then one day we had Luna and Sunshine.  The moon to my sun.  However, I had no idea how befitting the name ‘Luna’ really was until I read, “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets” by Barbara G. Walker-given to me by my good friend. Dr. Lauren Cielo.

“Luna is the Latin name of the Moon Goddess, couple in Gnostic symbolism and magic texts with Sol, the male Sun. Together they represent fire and water, whose combination produce The Blood of Life. Luna, the watery moon used to be considered superior to Sol, the fiery sun.  Even Chaucer wrote of ‘Luna the Serene.  The Chief Goddess of the Ocean and it’s Queen.  Empress of the sea.'”

Meaning, Luna (Moon) the feminine has always balanced out my masculine (Sun) energy.  She has given me tools to embrace my maternal, nurturing side-as I tend to run a more masculine energy. She helps me bring forward the divine feminine energy within me.  The moon balancing out the sun.  For anyone that knows us personally, knows that Luna has her own fan club that is far bigger than anything I could have created.  She would spend all of her hours in the water, playing and commiserating with her sea life, her true soul tribe.  I’ve never seen an animal become so alive once she touches the water.  Luna truly is the Moon Shining Over The Sea. I am so grateful for this mermaid in a bulldog body. Such a clever soul.

Perhaps names have come into your space like Luna did.  I find that the true meaning of a name, usually goes far deeper in meaning than we tend to think.  Perhaps do a little research on a name, if it does keeps ‘reappearing’ for you.  You might just find what you are looking for!

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 Spirituality Behind Halloween

Spirituality Behind Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite nights.  For me, it’s a kick off to the holiday season and I love everything about the holidays!  It’s my favorite time of year, when the weather starts to have a chill in the air and night grows longer; making way for cozy nights filled with indoor cheer.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere,  the leaves are dying and nature is preparing and hibernating for the dead of winter. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the dormant buds and slumbering animals are preparing to rebirth themselves and open to the start of summer. 

This time of year is about the continuous rotation of ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’. These cycles  are seen throughout nature and is also something that is mirrored within all of us. Constantly rotating, constantly moving from one form of energy to another.  The circle of life.  Death and rebirth. 

The cyclical energy of death and rebirth shows up in many forms for us.  Of course, the most literal being death of life and rebirth or the reincarnation from a soul into another form of life.  Or this cycle may present itself in less obvious but very personal forms of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves, our jobs and our relationships as we make our way through various chapters of our lives. 

For me, Halloween is a  great time to honor these “deaths” that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of; both literally and figuratively. I find that once you are able to let go and release the pain, suffering and even guilt, shame or sorrow you may be carrying with these ‘deaths’ it opens up space to celebrate the cycle of the new; the ‘rebirth’.  As I teach in my Psychic Development Program; we are made up of only 2 things-energy and information.  Energy  never truly dies, it transmutes itself and most often into something greater and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined for yourself.  

Perhaps you can shift the information in your energy field (body, chakras and aura) that Halloween is not a night to be feared but a time to give a little extra thought or ritual to the idea that we are spiritual beings that never die, we are all energy. Instead, we live on in different forms and in different ways. We continually and constantly recreate ourselves through the cycles of life…

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What’s Standing in the Way of Your Happiness?

Luna, my beloved bulldog shared some beautiful wisdom this morning along our walk. As she pranced around and smiled at everyone we passed, I asked her if she had any advice on happiness for our Bright Suns. She said, “The only thing standing in the way of anyone finding happiness, is themselves!” She said to look around and how could anyone not be happy? We are ALIVE in this beautiful world, sharing an experience.  She reminded me how we have all CHOSEN to be here and knowing that, how could you not honor yourself and choose to be happy?

I find that animals have the best words of wisdom.  They live in the here and now.  We can learn so much from their example.  It’s when us humans look to the past or the future, is when we find our unhappiness, our stress, our anxiety.  Homo Sapiens are the only animals that bring ourselves out of present time, therefore we’re the most unhappy, stressed out animal.

Luna’s words allowed me to reflect on my own journey to happiness.  I wasn’t always happy.  I may have always appeared to be happy on the outside- I’ve been blessed with a warm, friendly demeanor but on the inside was a different story.

I spent the majority of my 20’s and my early 30’s in abusive partnerships.  Romantic and not romantic.  I had no idea who I was.  I was a weak, very passive, doormat.  I allowed everyone to walk all over me.  I was scared to death that if I spoke up, I’d lose the only people in my life.

I recollect my ex husband constantly demeaning me.  Saying repeatedly that I was “ALMOST skinny enough to have sex with”. Telling me that I could never get a job as a private flight attendant because they want young, attractive females (I was 28 years old). Telling me I always spoke before him when we met people and then he’d hush me.  When I had enough strength and courage to leave, I walked away from our very cushy lifestyle with just my car and my then beloved bulldog, Rocco.  I was broken, beat up, no self-worth and was absolutely not happy.

I remember being very judgmental of people who “claimed” they were happy.  I’d say in my head, “ya, right-that’s a load of crap.” The truth is, I don’t believe I had ever known anyone who was truly happy.  I didn’t even know how to identify it.  I knew I was able to “project” happiness out but I was incapable of “feeling it” within.

As I shed away most of my material and physical possessions, I was able to be completely raw with myself and start to learn who I really was.  I shed my husband and my best friend for over 30 years within a couple of years of each other.  As I spent more time with myself, I started to realize how toxic my closest relationships have always been.  These relationships were such energy suckers and distractions that I had literally never had the energy to really look at myself.

What I realized when I did was I was pretty f’n great!  I’m smart, funny, beautiful, successful, nurturing, loving and so wise!  No one had ever told me I was any of these and you know what?  They didn’t need to because I started to know that I am all of these and so much more!  Once I felt all of these amazing qualities and started to wear them on the inside as well as the outside, I realized I had a pep in my step! Then just one day, while out on a walk-I was overwhelmed with SO.MUCH.HAPPINESS! It didn’t come from anyone but ME! I had created it!

It was within that moment, about 8 years ago when my lightbulb went off and I KNEW I was happy! It wasn’t a “made up” energy-it really existed! Now everyday, I wake up- no matter what I have going on in my life and I’m so grateful and I choose happiness each and every day because you know what?  No one else is going to create it for me.  It’s not something you wear on the outside of you like a coat, it comes from within and then emanates outward into the outer most layer of our aura so everyone can “read” it in your space-That’s another Luna wisdom.

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Power of our Higher Selves

A common thread that I share with my students at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy and my clients at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services is that our Higher Self will always experience what it came here to experience and the best thing that we can do, is to get out-of-the-way of our Higher Self.  To move out of resistance.  Our Higher Self always wins!

I love it when I live through my teachings…Collecting more information and examples that I can lead and teach from.  Remembering that we’re all here for this human experience, the School of Earth.

If you knew me personally, a word to describe me would be MOTIVATED.  An ex lover of mine would say that I’m motivated AF.  Anything is Possible!

Motivated mentally, physically and spiritually.  So when an opportunity to attend a 6am Hardcore  Physical Boot camp was given to me, I jumped at the challenge!  I love pushing myself and trying new things.  My motivation was to be inspired by others with the same mindset and to really jumpstart my metabolism and body with something different from my everyday outdoor workouts of running, hiking, yoga and paddleboarding.  For 3 months I did this 6am Bootcamp, 5 days a week.  I went through ups and downs, falling in love with it and then complete contempt for it.  However feeling fully inspired by the “veterans” that show up day after day, week after week, month after month.  High 5’ing team members as they pass.  I loved the camaraderie but something was missing.  Instead of feeling uplifted, I felt completely drained.  Exhausted throughout the day.  I found myself unhappy, unmotivated and completely not creative!  But week after week, I kept pushing myself thinking this has to be good for me, right?  It must be something else, it can’t be the workouts.

Then my body did something amazing, it actually stopped responding to the workouts and essentially started to feel and look like I wasn’t working out at all!? I had several WTH moments, as you can imagine!  So I quit…Yup.  I said no more.

The first day after I quit, it was amazing, I actually 100% felt like myself again! My energy and creation was at an all time high, I even felt like the birds were chirping louder and the colors of the world were brighter.  I put on my running shoes, grabbed my light hand weights, my iPod and took to the outdoors to run free again!  Like the Free Bird my soul has always been.  I felt so amazing and so energized, I couldn’t believe it!  I ran 5 miles without hardly breaking a sweat and it was as if my Higher Self and my Earthbound body were once again in sync and singing the same tune, the same sweet tune I have come accustomed to live by.  It’s been a week since I’ve reclaimed my Free Bird outdoor workouts and my mind, body and spirit feel stronger than ever.

I had forgotten that me and nature communed on my workouts.  That it was OUR time together.  No one else’s.  It was when Mother Earth and I shared stories and lessons with each other.  It’s my meditation space.  It’s ME.

On my beach run this morning, I was speaking with Cebu my Spirit Guide who is a Healing Master and I asked him why? Why was it such a shift for me?  And he said, “Crystal, just like we teach our students and clients to get out-of-the-way of their Higher Self, it’s the same for you.  Your Earth Bound ego body wanted the experience of this indoor boot camp but your Higher Self wants the experience to be one with nature during this time, that’s why you felt so drained and your physical body showed no signs of improvement because you were in resistance to the experience of what your Higher Self wanted”  Of course…Of course…I love it when the teacher becomes the student.

So when you notice if you are tired or drained or maybe there seems to be a lot of resistance in what you are doing in life, maybe it feels like bricks on your shoulders or you’re swimming against the tide…it simply means you’re in resistance to your Higher Self.  Maybe take a moment and ask yourself if this is truly the experience your soul wants?

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