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Total Eclipse of Our Hearts

Everything-You-Need-to-Know-About-2017s-Total-Solar-Eclipse-626x412Total Eclipse of the Heart

On Aug. 21, 2017, here in North America, we’ll all be under the rare spell of a Total Solar Eclipse. This is an INTENSE event; both on a cosmic and energetic level.
I know the majority of my clients have been feeling intense emotions, feeling disconnected, having big changes & even a little chaos as well as energy levels feeling almost manic; lows & highs. 

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines a Total Solar Eclipse of the sun in which the moon completely hides the solar surface or photosphere and thereby cuts off all direct rays of sunlight from the observer.  Here on Earth, we have both Lunar & Solar Eclipses.  A Lunar Eclipse can only happen with a Full Moon however.  We have Eclipses because the Moon orbits the Earth once a month, and eclipses happen if it lines up exactly with the Earth and the Sun. Solar eclipses occur at New Moon, when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun. Eclipses do not take place every month because the orbits of the Moon and Earth are tilted at an angle.  However, total solar eclipses are rare at any particular location because totality exists only along a narrow path on the Earth’s surface traced by the Moon’s shadow or umbra. An eclipse is a natural phenomenon & we are about to experience it!

It’s been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the contiguous United States from coast to coast. According to a recent calculation, there’s enough parking in the path of totality to accommodate 150 million viewers. Will you be one of them?Don’t let “the path of totality” confuse you. It basically means the moon’s shadow. In order to see a total solar eclipse, you need to be within the moon’s 70-mile-wide shadow. On August 21, it will stretch from Oregon through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Residents in these 13 states basically won the solar eclipse lottery and they’re celebrating accordingly.

If you can’t make it to the path of totality, you can still catch a partial eclipse—where the moon covers part of the sun—from anywhere in the Lower 48. According to some scientists, animals and plants within the path of totality will also be observing the event. Birds, hippos and even baboons have been recorded behaving as though it’s night during a total solar eclipse, even though the greatest duration of darkness they can experience—if approximately located at a certain point along the path of totality—is less than three minutes. Some botanists even argue that this brief period of darkness interrupts and alters photosynthesis in certain plants.

If you are lucky enough & plan on being in the path of totality, like myself!  You will be able to see and feel the Moon & Sun dance with magic in the air & glittering streams of light beaming!
If you are not going to be in the path of totality, not to worry!  The energy shift & vibration will still be available to you!  You can be anywhere on the planet & still feel the effects of these energies.  So make sure you have your seatbelt on!
Many people are quite sensitive to these energetic shifts and can easily feel them. Especially Energetic Empaths, Healers or if you work closely with Crystals & Gemstones or any type of Energy work really. If you’re not feeling it… that may be a signal to you to get under the sun & moon, go barefoot & dig your toes into Mother Earth & get grounded and connected!


A POWERFUL time to:
  • Plant your seeds for a big change, because you know that’s coming! 
  • Set your intention & be mindful of your inner voice, remembering we are our life’s creators
  • Open up your 3rd Eye, clairvoyance & divination will be amplified!
  • Balance your yin energy; our feminine, intuitive, right brain energy


Now more than ever, this is an important time to be mindful of your thoughts & inner conversations.  We will all be feeling the effects of the total solar eclipse for the next couple of weeks.  It’s a perfect time to use this to your advantage & manifest the life of your dreams!
It would be a wonderful time to incorporate affirmations during this time as well.  I love affirmations of self love & abundance! 


You can also Solar Charge items to carry the benefit of this rare energy!

If you have particular Crystals or Gemstones you like to work with, I’d suggest setting them outside during the eclipse.  This will allow them to be “charged” with this energy!

You can even set out fresh water under the solar eclipse & drink up all the “charged” energy for days to come!

Unknown-3Fun Fact!
All four giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) can experience eclipses, since they all have substantial moons and the Sun appears small from them. Eclipses are most common on Jupiter, because its moons orbit in the same plane with the Sun.


images-1Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services is on a Path of Totality or Bust Road Trip!  Please connect with us via our Facebook Page & Instagram to follow our journey.  We may be slow in responding to our clients for the next week or so as we are traveling through some remote areas.  We look forward to sharing our experience & renewed energy source to all of our Bright Suns! 

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How To Use a Psychic Pendulum

How to use a Psychic Pendulum:  The Art of Dowsing

The PSYCHIC PENDULUM, I believe is the most underrated psychic tool!  Because it is SO easy & anyone can be speaking with their Highest & Best, Guides & Angels within minutes of learning!  It’s seriously psychic preschool for all of you back to schoolers!  Once you learn, you will be asking yourself “what you ever did without yours!”  


  • The pendulum is not a new invention.  It has been used for thousands of years
  • In Ancient China it was used to deter & chase away evil spirits
  • The Ancient Egyptians used a pendulum to determine the best places to grow their crops & find water, being depicted in hieroglyphics
  • In Roman Times, people were condemned to death for using the pendulum because it was successfully used to unveil answers
  • One of the most famous pendulum users or “dowsers” was Abbe Mermet in the early 20th Century
    • He successfully found water in Columbia 
    • Petroleum in Africa
    • Missing People & Animals in a variety of countries
    • The Vatican even used his talents to conduct archaeological explorations in Rome

Funny Artifact

  • In the 1920’s, the pendulum was marketed as a “sex detector” 
    • It was said that the pendulum should be suspended over the palm of a pregnant woman
      • If the pendulum moves in a circular direction, the unborn child will be a girl!
      • If it moves in a straight line, it will be a boy!
      • Now, I haven’t tested this out but it sure would be a fun baby shower game!

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Little Signs have Big Meaning

IMG_7992I have an unconventional morning meditation.  My beloved bulldog Luna and I have quite the ritual, as bulldogs and humans tend to be quite ritualistic.  We wake up, make our coffee and head straight outside without even opening our eyes fully to see what the weather is like.  Silently hoping for a bit of warmth and no wind.  I look up to see if my bamboo is swaying, Luna checks to see if her bird tribe is hanging out on the electrical wires above; checking to see if they are moving with the wind or singing their morning song.  We both look for “Tinto” our resident red hummingbird.  Then as seamless as our communication always has been, we collectively plop down on our double chaise lounge to cuddle and have some well deserved coffee.

Then…we take to the ocean. As soon as we are suited up and our board hits the water, it’s as if we enter into another time and space.  Luna takes to the nose of our board to hang 10, like the mermaid pup she was born to be.   I navigate from the back and we become this seamless movement along the water.  People have often asked how I trained her and I say, “it just is”.  Truly what it has always been is a lesson in telepathy.  We have to communicate telepathically; her from the front of the board and me from the back.  We both have to intuitively know each others next step information, as we anticipate weight and balance against waves, rip tides & currents and the occasional seal who would like to hop on our board.

Once we are synced, this is when my morning meditation begins.  Almost instantly, my mind clears and I get a direct channel of information from my Spirit Guides and Angels.  This is where I receive most of my guidance from.  If I ever need clear answers, this is where I go.  I’m not sure why, I suppose I must feel in my element and the outside “real” world can’t really penetrate us while we’re so free riding Mother Earth’s Highway.

This space is also a direct line to communicate with nature.  We honor all the resident birds that we pass.  We say good morning to the seal nursery on a certain dock while several sleepy, cuddling seals throw up a flipper to wish us well as we pass; making sure we honor each and every one.  We know the seals who don’t stick to a pack and make sure we send them energetic hugs as we pass and ask for ArchAngel Ariel, the ArchAngel who watches over all animals, to please watch over them.  We say hello to some resident humans too, sending pleasantries.  All while my guidance is flowing in.

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day.  No wind, 80 degrees.  Calm waters.  We have recently been sticking to paddle boarding in our local harbor as opposed to dropping in to one of our beaches to catch some waves, which we love to do but since there have been several Great White Shark sightings as well as it being Shark Week and all, I hadn’t been feeling very adventurous.  Especially with having a cute little 50 pound nugget on the nose of my board but today was so nice…

We paddled to the edge of the harbor and we could either turn back around or hang right and drop into a great little beach cove and take a couple of waves.  I started to get really nervous with the thought.  Then…just as I’m about to make my decision to turn around and go back, a mama dolphin appears right in front of us with her tiny baby.  They were taking their time, enjoying each other and the beautiful day we were having.  It was so beautiful! I took it as a clear sign from my guides that all is safe, that we didn’t have anything to worry about.  To take my little nugget baby and follow by example and enjoy this gorgeous day.  To JUST BE is what my guides told me.  Don’t worry, JUST BE.

It’s the little, subtle signs in life that always send the biggest messages…

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Divine Feminine a Factor in our Ascension?

Related image

I have been searching for good, current books on our Ascension.  Sadly, the category is quite lacking.  It’s hard to find anything that is not in a 25th to 30th Anniversary Edition on this topic.  Odd being that 2012 marked a huge step up in our Ascension.  In my search I found this lovely book Goddess Wisdom.  Even though this is about Divine Feminine of Ancient Civilizations, I do believe we can pull from these Ancient Civilizations and pull forward the perfect balance of both male and female energy. I think this is a large part of our Ascension; to not repress one sex or the other and find our personal power in both. I recently had the honor of reading a clients guide from another dimension named Zy; Zy said something so simple yet so beautiful. Zy said, “yes I am female, yes I am male. I am not neither, I am both” I took it as Zy’s dimension pulls the best of both male and female energies. Since our Goddess Wisdom and Divine Feminine energy has been suppressed for at least a couple thousand years, why wouldn’t our Ascension be part of bringing forward Goddess Wisdom?


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Metaphors of our Ascension

Every psychic reading I perform starts with a clairvoyant image that my clients Higher Self would like to communicate to me and well, it’s human body self-my client.  I typically see wild flowers or animals; all metaphors.  However, something unusual and fascinating has been happening over the last 2- 3 months.

Unknown-1I started to see all sorts of winged beings in place of my normal metaphoric pictures.  It started with Higher Selves showing me hummingbirds, beautiful colorful parrots, little ducklings, peacocks, butterflies, several different types of owls.  So many owls that I had never known there were so many different species.  I have even been shown golden, mechanical owls similar to Bubo from the 1981 movie, Clash of the Titans.  Incredible!  Then I started to see my clients turning into beautiful Phoenix’s and rising from ashes.  A spectacular transformation and array of well…winged beings…

Most of these Winged Beings will show their colors in high vibratory colors such as gold like Bubo, which is the highest vibration of color that we can see.  To very spiritual tones of all levels of blues and indigo. Just gorgeous.

It fascinated me so much that I had to have a conversation with my Healing Master, Cebu who is a light body or Spirit Guide.  What he said to me was the individuals whose Higher Selves are showing me Winged Beings are the Light Workers that have come to aid in humanities ascension.  I thought this was interesting, why wings?  He said that we have always had the assistance of these creatures throughout time and throughout different ascension periods such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and now.

images-4I always know I’m receiving clairaudient information because I could never come up with this myself!  I decided to do a little research after my conversation with Cebu.  Of course, he was right…Lemuria’s known symbol was a bird; saying to be “of the birds” that  it was the bridge from Earth to Sky.  In Atlantean times, there were “bird priests” that glistened with gold.  They would count the flying bird; read and interpret the shapes they made in the sky. They understood how to read their movements and they believed they would deliver messages from the Gods. The bird priests also believed they came from birds. Ancient Egypt, of course we have Horus who had the head of a falcon. However, the situation is confused by the fact that there were many Hawk gods in ancient Egypt and a number of them shared the name Horus. Being Gods of the Sky. There was also, Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom or Knowledge.  Ironically enough Teacher of Resurrection and the Ascension, who was always depicted as having the head of an Ibis bird. As Thoth was one of the major Egyptian deities, the Ibis, like the Falcon was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians

As you can see, Cebu is on to something.  He took it a step further for me and brought it into present time.  He reminded me of a star seed group of celestial beings who are master Ascension Teachers referred to as The Bird Tribe or most commonly, Blue Avians.  They are said to be here to aid in our ascension period and to help us raise our vibration.  Recently, I have read one as a Spirit Guide to one of my light worker clients.  Which blew me away!  Since, I have had a couple of clients and friends who have had recent interactions with these Higher Dimension Beings, oddly enough taking the valance very similar to Thoth or Horus.  As I continued to research, Thoth and Horus were actually depicted as blue.


I love this world I live in!  I am blessed to have such an amazing client and peer base that will show me such beautiful metaphoric images as winged beings and allow me to ask further, to pull the string, to allow more information to come through.  To show me such beautiful and historical images is mind-blowing, even for me!  Then to have the Healing Master of all Healing Master’s to simplify and explain to me what the significance is of my clairvoyant imagery.  What an incredible soul lesson of continuous time.  I’m so excited to be part of this Ascension Period…yet again.

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Who is Speaking to You?

My dog, Luna and I were walking this evening. No one around. We were walking on the opposite side of the rocks, where there is a walking path on one side and the sand and ocean on the other. We had already been to the beach in the morning so I wasn’t looking to clean Luna off again. I felt strongly compelled to cross the rocks and “just look” but I don’t know why…But I’ve learned to honor those thoughts. We hopped the rocks, approached the very low tide and suddenly my eyes focused on a strange mass of something. Right at our feet, on the dry sand is a jelly like mass. I wouldn’t of normally paid it any attention but I could see it glistening and moving and then I see a slight blink of an eye that is staring right at me in very strong communication. I investigate further and see that it is a very large sea slug! I’ve never seen one before but the tentacles on top like a snail were it’s give away. It was about a foot long and 5 inches in width. Poor thing got stuck on the dry sand as the tide went out and was about 100 feet away from the sea. He was in need of rescue. I immediately took action and got him back in the water. It was so clear to me, as we were walking away that we were being guided to rescue this little guy. I started asking WHO was it that called me? Was I in direction communication with this sea being? Was it the Angels? My Guides? I heard it was the Earth Angels, “the Fairy’s” that guided us. It’s funny because whenever we do this particular part of the walk, I have often said to Luna, “Let’s go see what the fairy’s are up to today and say hi to them” because it’s an odd patch of wildflowers right along the beach. It was a great reminder that Mother Earth guides us and protects us as well. That all beings matter and are looked after. I encourage you all to notice the little “pulling” of attention to matters and see who is guiding you on your nature walks 👣🐶🐌🐳🌾

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Teaching on the Astral Plane

I thought I would share a fun story with you all! When I enter my reading and healing space, I often feel like I am my dog, Luna’s Healing Master. I do a million step routine getting HER ready for MY day, haha. I call in her Highest and Best Guides, ground her, protection roses, etc. She normally sits right at my feet during my readings or will sun herself outside and come right back to my feet. A couple Saturday’s ago, it was unusual…as soon as I entered my reading space, she looked straight at me and went to the bedroom! I went to go check on her and I don’t often “hear” her words but this time, very clearly she says to me, “I decided to teach about love on the Astral while you are taking classes…” my mind was blown! So I said, “Oh my goodness, you are so smart! I am so proud of you, there is no better soul to teach about love than you, you’re perfect for the job!” She then clearly said, “not just love, pure unconditional love” my heart melted! Wouldn’t you know that she stayed “in trance” the entire day of readings!! This is also unusual…She is up with the sun and down with the sun with a 20-30 minute cat nap during the day…During trance, I saw Luna’s class room on the right, then my class room right across the hall on the left! Our world’s are so amazing, aren’t they? I peaked into her class and there she was under a beautiful valence of High Priestess, Mermaid beauty…which is also very fitting. She has often spoken about how she is a “selkie” a sea being that has taken a land body in this lifetime. When we are out on the ocean, we are often visited by dolphins that will swim with us for a mile or so…seals, whales even. She matter of factly will say, “Oh yes, those are my friends. Souls recognize souls. They are honoring me for taking this body” I love this fantastical world! Do you all have any stories of your fur babies or non fur babies stories during your professional reading space? I believe they are our best teacher’s in life!!

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Cebu My Spirit Guide Healing Master

Happy Sunday Bright Sun’s!
Cebu, My Healing Master has asked me to write about him today.  He is a Being Without Body whose job is to be my Healing Master. We have a spiritual contract agreement that I am the Clairvoyant Reader and he is the Healer.  I call him in before I start any Clairvoyant Reading session.  My teacher in the Golden Rose Psychic Academy, Dr. Lauren Cielo, whom you might have seen on Gaia TV, goes to the Astral Planes between levels 7-8, where the Cathedral of Souls is and sets up these contracts for his students.  It’s one of the perks in attending The Golden Rose Psychic Academy!  In the days leading up to our meeting, Cebu started dropping his name all around me. We seemed to connect right away. My hands have always tingled when he is plugged in. Sometimes, I can even feel his excitement with butterflies in my own stomach! He looks like a cross over between Doc from Back to the Future and Einstein. He has crazy, longer hair. He’s about 5’7″. He usually comes in either barefoot or with sandals. He wears jeans, however he has shown me past lives where he is in a loin cloth in the Amazon. He usually has a crazy button up shirt like a Hawaiian shirt. Always a cardigan. He often wears crystals or gems around his wrists and neck, wrapped in a hemp like threading. He has a small tattoo on his right hand, the space between his thumb and pointer finger of a small crescent moon. He moves and heals energy with his hands. It’s common to see him clean out and heal chakras with his hands that go in like a drill, straight into the chakras! It’s pretty fascinating to watch! He’s very funny and laid back. He likes to garden, run and surf (he has shown me in our Amazonian past life that he would make bamboo rafts and float). He has also joked when I’m about to go for a run he puts on super tight running pants and laughs and says he’s ready! He told me that when I see unusually large leaves grow in my garden that this is from him. Our last life that we have had together, is this Amazonian life he really identifies with. Even though he’s like a mad scientist, he’s very natural and hippie like. We were in a brother and sister type relationship, I’m not quite sure if we were actually blood related but we were very close and in the same tribe. He would forage for medicinal plants (in a loin cloth!) in the jungle and then bring me the plants and I would make tinctures and brews with them. He has also shown me that he runs the jungle with lions and large animals and he’s friend to all! We have grown very close, very quickly. We always exchange some sort of affection whether with words or a hug when he goes back to the astral. He’s pretty amazing and I hope this write-up has made him proud! He wanted me to tell all of our readers that he hopes to heal you sometime.