Energy of August 2019

Each month Cebu my Healing Master, my #1 Spirit Guide ‘chats’ with me about the collective energy for all of you, Bright Sunsout there! Here’s Cebu’s channeled message for the month of August…

“If you’re spending time with someone or participating in an activity, scan yourself mind, body and spirit and ask:
‘Am I happy?’
‘How do I feel after x,y,z?’
am I exhausted, am I energized, revitalized?
If you’re exhausted, you may want to rethink your energy output with that person or activity.

A lot of humans have adult goo (yes that’s a metaphysical term!) or programming that has piled on top of your mind, body and spirit where most can’t envision themselves happy.  Maybe the language of, ‘if I had more money…time…a partner’ only then could I be happy.

If this language exists inside of you, I suggest closing your eyes and taking yourself back to your childhood when the energy of ‘money, time and the need for a partner’ didn’t exist.  Go all the way back to 3, 4, 5, 6 years old.  What did you do for fun at that age?  When these adult issues didn’t exist in your energy field?

Was it riding a bike? Dancing and being silly? Drawing, reading, playing games? Whatever brought you joy and helped you feel free at that young age, pull that energy of the kid you and super impose it over the current you and see the adult you happy, in this kid energy. Whatever made the kid you happy, go do it!  Go ride a bike, dance, play games…it’s still inside of you and it’s very easy to harness.

Find the time to do things that make you happy.  The more you can feel this happiness energy, the more you’ll naturally start to run this energy without effort.  You can apply this technique to all energies within your life that you want to feel more abundant in.

The more you run the energy of happiness, it allows the collective energy of your partners, animals, family, community and co workers to start to feel it too.  In essence, you’re helping raise the vibration by running the high vibration of happiness. I know each of you reading this is a Lightworker, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

Many Blessings,

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