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Using Your Psychic Tools For Everyday Life

Beginning Psychic Development

Saturday’s 10:00am PST class, Psychic Development students are about to graduate a 6 month formal, intensive training!  In Class 22, students will learn how to use all of their Metaphysical and Psychic Tools not just in their Psychic Reading Space but in their everyday life!  As I always say, kindergartens for psychics as I provide you step by step tools to bring forward your innate psychic abilities!  Who’s ready?

The Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program teaches you to read energy and information, the only 2 things that we are made of! Which means, you will learn to read ANYTHING!  As a student at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy, it is so much more than JUST a Psychic Development Program; every week we have multiple opportunities to be read and healed.

Are you ready to start your spiritual and healing journey? My Spring program just started last month.  It’s not too late to register!  Listen to my complimentary Introduction to Psychic Development below.

To learn more or enroll in the program:

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