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Learn Telepathic Channels & Miracle Healings

Beginning Psychic Development

Saturday’s 10:00am PST class, Beginning Psychic Development students will learn about another part of their ‘Genetic Anatomy’, another Energy Channel called Telepathic Channels. This is how we communicate telepathically with other physical beings.  The second half of the class, students will learn how to perform Miracle Healings on themselves and others! A very powerful class! As I always say, kindergartens for psychics as I provide you step by step tools to bring forward your innate psychic abilities!  Who’s ready?

Are you interested in learning how to learn the language of Clairvoyance? Or in bringing forward your psychic abilities?  We all have the ability, it’s just learning the psychic language of it all.  Much easier than learning how to walk or to ride a bike when we were kids! If so, my next program starts in April 2019!

Please click HERE or the link below for a free introductory class and deep discounts!  Please join me as we need all the Lightworkers we can get![UNIQID]

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