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Learn To Do Relationship Readings

Psychic Reading Clinic

This week’s Psychic Reading Clinic : Relationship Readings! Learn the super easy steps to performing a Relationship Reading! Students will read and also receive a relationship reading and then will read and receive a past life with this relationship.  Students and graduates who have completed classes 1-4 and above are free to join in tonight’s Psychic Reading Clinic. Where we will practice our Psychic Readings!  If you are not registered yet, please click HERE to register or copy/paste this link:


 The Clairvoyant Psychic Development Program teaches you to read energy and information, the only 2 things that we are made of! Which means, you will learn to read ANYTHING! Please join me and your fellow current classmates and graduates in tonight’s (Wednesday) 5:30pm PST Psychic Reading Clinic.  This is an all levels class, come one-come all!   As a student at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy & Golden Rose, it is so much more than JUST a Psychic Development Program; every week we have multiple opportunities to be read and healed.

Are you ready to start your spiritual and healing journey? Next Psychic Development Program starts April 20, 2019! Ready to start your journey?  Click HERE.  Enroll in classes 1-4 for only $100!  By using coupon code:  EXPAND YOURSELF or receive $225 OFF the entire tuition (free month of training if paid in full!) by using coupon code:  I CHOOSE ME.  Payment options available or if you have further questions, you may schedule FREE Office Hours with me HERE or on my website: www.CrystalSunshinePsychicServices.com under the ‘Book Now’ tab or on Instagram on my profile: BOOK!

I would also like to invite anyone in a female body to participate in a FREE virtual webinar this Valentine’s Day at 5:30pm PST called: The Ascending Woman.  Webinar will be approx. 60-75 mins long. You may attend live or have the audio file sent to you after.  Participants will learn:

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