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Past Life Symbols & Aura’s

Advanced Clairvoyant Psychic Development

Sunday’s 5:30pm class, students will learn to read and heal their Past Life Symbols & Past Life Aura’s!  This is one of my favorite classes and I hope YOURS too!  Past Life Symbols are so beneficial and can easily shift our space so we and others can see ourselves as living a ‘High Life’. Past Life Aura’s are fascinating, I don’t want to give too much away!  ‘See’ everyone in class!

Are you interested in learning how to learn the language of Clairvoyance? Or in bringing forward your psychic abilities?  We all have the ability, it’s just learning the psychic language of it all.  Much easier than learning how to walk or to ride a bike when we were kids! If so, my next program starts January, 2019!

Would you like to enter to win a FREE month of Beginner’s Psychic Development? ($225 Value) Please visit: to enter!  I’d be humbled and honored to be your teacher.

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