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What’s in the Way of YOUR Holiday Healing?

Psychic Reading Clinic

This week’s Psychic Reading Clinic : What’s in the way of YOUR holiday healing?  For most of us, the holidays are a time where there is a lot of co-mingling of energies.  From office parties, to family and friend gatherings. Hopefully the tools that you have learned here are going to assist you throughout the holiday season! We’ll take a peek at anything that would be in the way of you experiencing what your Higher Self really wants to experience during the holiday season! Please join me and your fellow current classmates and graduates in Sunday’s 8:30am PST Psychic Reading Clinic.  This is an all levels class!  Do you have a relationship that you’d like to have read and even healed? Or maybe you want to practice reading relationships? If so, come one-come all!   As a student at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy & Golden Rose, it is so much more than JUST a Psychic Development Program; every week we have multiple opportunities to be read and healed.

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